Do you wake up ready to take on the world? Palo Alto Networks wants you.

 Sascha Puljic, Vice President, Germany


I have built my career on being a “growth guy.” I’ve worked for several multinational technology companies and have been tasked with growing teams and revenues over a short period of time. However, none of them have had the opportunities and potential that I’ve found here at Palo Alto Networks. Our incredible growth is like no other company’s in the industry, but we need talented, hungry professionals to join us and help take us to the next level.

It should come as no surprise that cybersecurity is the hottest segment of the technology industry. And when you look at any list of the key players in the market, Palo Alto Networks is consistently ranked at the top of the heap. In fact, the company was recently named one of the Fortune 50 alongside such names as Amazon, Tesla, and PayPal. Plus, the company’s acquisition strategy and ability to integrate new cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are unmatched. 

But aside from those facts, which were very attractive to me, I could see that the people who work here clearly care deeply for this company. All of them come from different backgrounds and have different talents and experiences, but they all share an obvious love for the company and its mission to be the cybersecurity partner of choice by protecting our digital way of life. All of these factors combined are what drew me to work here in late 2020.

Our recent growth in the EMEA market is astounding. In the last year, we’ve grown six times faster than the rest of the market. Companies are becoming more digitized at an unprecedented pace — it is among the top three goals on the agenda of every CEO — and chief digitization officers are taking prominent roles in their companies’ futures. This has been further accelerated by COVID, which has driven workers and students, by necessity, to work remotely and move more of their interactions online. And you cannot have digitization without security, particularly cloud security. We are helping to keep businesses alive and working in a secure environment. Demand is growing rapidly for the security we offer, but to meet that demand, it is essential that we add motivated, talented, energetic, experienced professionals capable of dealing with the complexity of this work — particularly C-level executives — to our team in Germany.

Culture of Success

Our German team comprises a healthy mix of very experienced people who have worked in the industry for 25 or 30 years along with recent graduates and young professionals who are new to the industry but passionate about what we do and eager to learn and grow. The culture on this team de-emphasizes hierarchies: We all contribute, and all our voices are heard, at all levels of the organization. We aren’t focused on titles; we do what needs to be done, and no task is beneath us.

This company also is tremendously generous with its people. Yes, we often use words such as “grow faster” and “overdeliver,” but social engagement within our team is also a priority. This company is focused on caring for its employees and their families, ensuring that their needs are met. Many companies say that, but here it is truly lived every day. 

I’m also excited about the level of diversity I increasingly have seen within our team — in fact, three of our leadership roles with our German office are held by females and 25% of our recent new hires were women. I’ve rarely seen a company so committed to inclusion, and it is seen and felt by everyone every day. 

Perhaps what is best about working here is that despite our incredible rate of growth, our size still allows us to remain agile. We are the perfect size to make a difference. Here, you can be heard, and you have the freedom to create and innovate — we have the right balance of corporate sustainability and individual freedom. Although we are at the top of our game, we still operate as a startup, which is how we have gotten to where we are today. 

Technical experience and training are useful in any new employee, of course, but even more important is your desire for challenge, your hunger to make a difference in the security space. I’m looking for people who are passionate about security, ready to live and breathe it and to employ creative solutions to move us to the next level. You should have a big-picture strategy for getting ahead and have a vision for growing the company and your own career. If you wake up ready to tackle the world, there’s a place for you here at Palo Alto Networks.