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In the Customers’ Corner

Now that I’ve been with Palo Alto Networks for over three years, I can see what those people were talking about. If I had to pick one word that describes the company culture, I’d pick “family.” The family feeling here is what sets this company apart.

Onboarding is Key to the Remote Worker Experience

Our efforts to engage remote employees don’t stop after Virtual  Welcome Day. One of the takeaways at the end of the session is the introduction to “Level Up,” our digital learning platform, which features a 90-day on-demand onboarding path. By using this approach, our new hires get on-demand materials in a way that’s more easily digestible and retained, presented when they’re ready for it, and ensuring they’re set up with the tools they need to become happy, engaged, long-term employees.

Dare to Dream

Sales is the frontline of technology — it’s where we present solutions to the clients. When we’re selling, we need to know our products well so that we can cater our solutions to appropriately address our clients’ problems. It’s a goal-oriented role in which we’re measured by how well we meet our targets.

The Future of Work

Joining Palo Alto Networks, I was excited to learn about the products and to educate myself on cloud services and solutions. It could not be more different than what I was trained in but I wanted to stretch myself and to grow out of my comfort zone so the learning got easier.

The Unexpected Advantages of Working at Home

This is the first time, as an adult, married with children, that I am lucky enough to spend more than a straight week at home with my family. With two kids who are 9 and 12, the routine is much more complicated and since my partner is going into work, I get to be in charge most of the days. There are many unexpected advantages during this period and I’ve realized that this is probably a once in a lifetime experience.

Navigating A New Routine

Before this crazy COVID-19 period, I would go into the office every day. And, although I had the option of working from home when needed, I really preferred going into our cool office and working with my team in person. After a day at the office, I would commute back home and spend some time supporting my colleagues in the United States. Since COVID-19, my routine has changed.