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Living Values Through Actions

As many parents and caregivers have experienced throughout the pandemic, the juggle between caring for children and delivering against expectations has shown up every day. Within my first 3 months, there were 2 instances where our youngest son needed to quarantine at home due to a COVID-19 outbreak in his classroom.

Disrupting the Future

The #DisruptingYourFuture campaign aims to showcase this generation of young adults and how they are focusing on challenging the status quo, both in the workplace and in the world. With the chaos of COVID-19, calls for social justice reform, and the evolution of technology, this generation is beginning their careers in a time like never before.

Positioned for Growth

I have always aspired to get to a point in my career where I could make more strategic decisions and develop and structure my own team, and now I’m fortunate to be in that position. People are what matter and building a solid team is critical to anyone’s success.

Inspiring Youth With A Virtual Field Trip

Initiatives like A.C.E.S. are opportunities for corporations to have positive impacts on underrepresented communities by creating a rich pipeline of talent. Through developing a slide deck to help the company pivot to online deliveries of A.C.E.S., I was recruited to speak to students in the Hidden Genius Project on June 18, 2021; a nonprofit based in Oakland, CA, with the goal of training and mentoring black male youth in technology, entrepreneurship, and leadership.

Career Elevation Starts with a Conversation

by Destiny Reyes

I joined Palo Alto Networks as an intern in our Talent Acquisition department, which deals with new employee recruitment. I was fortunate that the company was incredibly flexible and willing to let me work part time as I completed my college classes. And when I graduated in 2018, my enthusiasm for this company, the work, and learning all I could about the business helped me to earn a full-time position in Talent Acquisition Operations.

Drawn to the Data: My Internal Mobility Story

by Richard Blach

About halfway through my degree program, I discovered that “analytics” was becoming an important buzzword among businesses, who were discovering the usefulness of collecting numerical data about customers (or potential customers). I realized this was something that interested me. I was fortunate enough to be offered a Sales Operations internship and began to really see glimpses of how analytical data could offer insights into customer behavior and help with developing sales strategies.

JUNTOS: Latinx Employee Network Group

by Patty Hatter

With the exceptional growth that this company is experiencing, we have an opportunity to make a huge difference with regard to inclusion and diversity in the cybersecurity market. Clearly, if we approach the same old things with the same old mindsets we’ll end up with the same results we got in the past. The market needs to move and the company needs to move. The opportunity is right in front of us.

Smash the Ceiling: Achieving Gender Diversity in Asia-Pacific’s Cybersecurity Sector

by Claire Li

As a talent sourcer, I’m often seen as the face of Palo Alto Networks for potential recruits. I’ve found this is valuable, as women often need to see themselves reflected in the tech workplace, to see that it isn’t just a “boys’ club.” Creating more opportunities for female employees to reach out and connect with female candidates can be quite powerful.