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Smash the Ceiling: Achieving Gender Diversity in Asia-Pacific’s Cybersecurity Sector

by Claire Li

As a talent sourcer, I’m often seen as the face of Palo Alto Networks for potential recruits. I’ve found this is valuable, as women often need to see themselves reflected in the tech workplace, to see that it isn’t just a “boys’ club.” Creating more opportunities for female employees to reach out and connect with female candidates can be quite powerful.

Why Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month Matters

Asian and Pacific Islanders’ cultures are inextricably woven into the fabric of American life. As President Ronald Reagan once said, “In a variety of fields that span the spectrum of human endeavor — including art, dance, agriculture, the sciences, medicine, commerce, government, and philosophy — Asian and Pacific Americans have made outstanding contributions to the cultural and technological development of their adopted Nation.”

Empowered To Be My Authentic Self

Since the moment I stepped foot into this organization, Palo Alto Networks has never once made me feel different but has actually made me feel empowered to celebrate my difference. This company has given me an opportunity to scale my career as an Executive Recruiting Researcher, partnering with our top level executives to build their next-gen teams, while allowing me to overcome my preconceived fears of corporate America.

Reflections on a Year of Pandemic Mom Life

Here at Palo Alto Networks, we realize that mothers bring a remarkable set of skills that make them invaluable in the workplace. Nothing about the pandemic has been easy, especially for mothers, who almost overnight had to change how and where they work, perhaps even their job titles and descriptions, while also becoming teachers, chefs, nurses, counselors, activity coordinators, and playmates.

Found in Translation: How learning English from TV and movies helped me escape a war-torn Iraq and start a new life in America

By Fadi Fadhil

I learned English from American movies. Some people would put satellites on their rooftops and cover them with bedsheets so they couldn’t be detected by helicopters. I smuggled VHS tapes under my shirt and carried them home on my bike — I could have been executed for smuggling Hot Shot! Part Deux, in which they make fun of Saddam.

Changing Lanes: How I transitioned unexpectedly from one career path toward another.

By Luiza Klaus

Fortunately, my manager at the time had always been helpful and approachable, and the culture has been one that is supportive of internal mobility. So I went for it! I explained to him that I was really interested in a Systems Engineer position, but that I’d earned a degree in marketing and had no real technical background. I asked for his thoughts on what it would take for me to make that transition.

Embracing Hope

By Jerry Poon

I grew up in a really large family. I’m the youngest of four children, and the age gaps between us are significant. My oldest brother is 18 years older than I am. We were born in Hong Kong, but when I was three years old, we emigrated to Toronto, Canada.

LEAP of Faith: Palo Alto Networks offers a just-right place for early-in-career talent to get started.

By Dhwani Khatter

Having grown up in a family of tech professionals — both my parents work in IT and my sister studied computer science — it made sense for me to obtain a computer science degree, which I did, at the University of Colorado Boulder. What I would do with that degree, I didn’t yet know. In my mind, this would lead to a career as a web developer, and I wasn’t really interested in writing code all day long.