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Building a Culture of Inclusion Employee Network Groups Offer Support and Amplify Voices

Diversity of experience, thought, and background really does drive creativity and innovation, and I’m very pleased to know that the leaders at Palo Alto Networks are behind this notion every step of the way. They have intentionally and thoughtfully made this company a very safe and inclusive space that welcomes all people, and I’m seeing the ENGs making huge strides in connecting people, offering safe spaces in order to have frank conversations, and addressing injustices in real, tangible ways.

Asking the Questions that Matter: Sponsoring an Employee Network Group

The Early in Career ENG plays an important part in helping employees who are just starting out in their careers to make connections, seek advice, share concerns or frustrations, and develop their skills.

Where Design Meets Technology

As a woman, I can say that Palo Alto Networks has excellent employees of both genders, and I work daily with other great female developers, product managers, and quality engineers. Although I think some women may feel intimidated to work in technology, they shouldn’t. The atmosphere here is very empowering for women, and I’ve never felt like I was a minority.
I hope more women join this company because I’d like everyone to be able to experience the same positive environment and perks as I do.

Worth the Work

Although I wasn’t one of the three winners chosen to receive a cash prize, as a finalist, I was fortunate to be granted interviews with several members of the Palo Alto Networks team. I flew home, and a few weeks later, I received a formal offer for an internship!

Frog in a Well: Employee Network Groups Expand Your View of the World

Since coming to America, I’ve seen that what makes us great is the diversity of thought and ability to surround ourselves with people from all walks of life and learn from each other, regardless of caste, color, or creed. It is only by doing this that we “frogs” can see beyond our wells and truly understand the world. That’s the power of an ENG.

Serving Those Who Served

Diversity and inclusion are top priorities at our company, but I also believe that every company can do more to identify prospective employees who are veterans and tap into the talents and experiences they can bring to the job.

A Huge LEAP on My Career Path

This is no internship. Though the SE Academy provides us with learning opportunities, we are full-time, professional systems engineers who are given the latitude to learn in hands-on fashion — by doing the work.

Filling the Cybersecurity Talent Pipeline

For those who might be considering a career in cybersecurity, it’s clear that participating in the Secure the Future Academic Competition can provide you with an edge by honing crucial skills and introducing you to potential employers and experts in the field. For these reasons, it’s a worthwhile investment in your future.

WiCyS Career Fair Aims to Draw More Women to Cybersecurity

Though our in-person conference is held each spring and has proven a nice venue for networking and professional development, there was a need for an event that could connect companies with intern candidates during the fall when college students are seeking internship opportunities.