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A New Career as a Pre-Sales SE at Palo Alto Networks

Author: Nanase Akamine, Specialist Systems Engineer I am currently employed at Palo Alto Networks as a product pre-sales systems engineer (SE) in the SASE product team. I accompany high-touch sales, conducting activities such as explaining features,…

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Career Advice |

3 Hacks to Elevate Your Career as a Cyber Analyst

Author: Don Rhead, Manager (NAM), Unit 42 MDR Ask 'why.' Everyone has a different path to cyber. As common, or uncommon, as your path is, the hallmark of a great investigator is having an inquisitive mindset. This is an instinct of sorts and comes…

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What Makes the Culture of Palo Alto Networks Special

I was met by warmth from a supportive and diverse team. Here, even the tiniest victories resonate. Helping a colleague squash a bug earns a celebratory high-five and heartfelt recognition. It's collaborative and inclusive, and every voice is heard.

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SE Academy: The Best First Step In My Career

Author: Nessia Lu, Associate Systems Engineer With a deep passion for the field of information security, I firmly believe that joining Palo Alto Networks was the ideal choice for me. As the first step in my career, the System Engineer (SE) Academy is…

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My Sales Career: Pursuing the Road Less Traveled

Author: Zansi Trambadia, Named Account Manager, India Our career journey often takes us down unforeseen paths, and my own trajectory from a computer engineering graduate to a sales professional was unpredictable. Initially, I envisioned myself in a…

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Career Development |

From Intern to AI Trailblazer at Palo Alto Networks

From intern to now senior principal machine learning engineer, in seven years, Brody Kutt has excelled and advanced in his career at Palo Alto Networks in one of the fastest-growing technologies in our society today: artificial intelligence.

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Culture |

Celebrating Pride Month

Author: Katie Bianchi, SVP Chief Customer Officer and PRIDE Network Group executive sponsor Pride Month is a reminder of the strides we have made toward equality and acceptance. It also underscores the ongoing need to advocate for the rights and…

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My Path from Network Engineer to Systems Engineering Leader

Author: Diego Maravankin, Systems Engineering Manager, SE Academy JAPAC My career journey has been thrilling, filled with challenges, triumphs and endless learning opportunities. I've navigated through different industries, roles and experiences,…

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My Great Place to Work

Author: Yusuke Muramatsu, Systems Engineer My career began as a network engineer at an IT vendor. Initially responsible for network operations, I progressed to design and testing roles and eventually took on more upstream responsibilities,…

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Embracing Flexibility, Allyship and Well-being at Palo Alto Networks

Author: Lina Norton, Systems Engineer Mid Market Choosing the right employer is a pivotal decision that not only shapes our professional journey but also has deep effects on our personal life. As I was searching for a new employer after a sabbatical…

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Israel |

Meet Alon, Director of Product Management, Cortex XSOAR

"Surfing is the only time I truly disconnect; I don't think about anything but the next wave." Meet Alon Yardeni, father of three and Director of Product Management of Cortex XSOAR.Although there's a big difference between Alon's professional role…

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FLEX and Choice |

Prioritizing Mental Health

In today's fast-paced and demanding work environment, finding a balance between professional demands and personal wellbeing can often feel overwhelming. We understand the importance of prioritizing mental health and offer benefits designed to allow…

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