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Jeff Rangel ESG (1)

Corporate Responsibility |

Leading the Charge for Corporate Social Responsibility

“Our efforts are part of our business objectives,” said Rangel. “We want to be the best company ever, and the best companies operate with integrity. The best companies care about others.”

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James McGregor

Culture |

Why Diversity Begins with a Global Mindset

Lessons Learned from a Global Life & Career Diversity is on every corporate leader’s mind today. I’m proud to work for Palo Alto Networks, a company that challenges all our leaders to reflect on why diversity and inclusion matters and how to…

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Paloalto Veteransday Nabih

Veterans |

The Marines taught me leadership – and perseverance

I wasn't ready for college and I felt I needed to find out who I was. I wanted to see exactly what I was capable of and if I could overcome some of the toughest challenges, both mentally and physically, so I could be the best version of myself.

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Internships |

Landing An Internship In The Cybersecurity Industry - Standing Out Amongst The Competitive Crowd

A common misconception about securing an internship in the cybersecurity industry is that you need an extensive cybersecurity background to apply. The reality is, you don’t, and there are two main reasons for this.

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Ashley Richardson Sequeira

Employee Network Groups |

The Life Lessons I Learned From My Service

To those in the service who are considering making a change, remember that there is a place for you. The trick is that you have to show the industry how your uniqueness can help them solve problems or bring value to their companies.

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Military Award 2022

Veterans |

Palo Alto Networks Named 2022 MilitaryⓇ Friendly Employer

As an employee of Palo Alto Networks as well as a retired Major General of the U.S. Army, I am thrilled to share that Palo Alto Networks has been named a 2022 Military Friendly® Employer. This award, announced today on Veterans Day, is given to…

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Veteran Employee Blog

Veterans |

Service That Never Stops Making a Difference

With unique skill sets and a wide range of practical experience, military veterans play a vital role in our ongoing mission to protect the digital way of life around the globe.

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Nusrath Aaliyah

LEAP Program |

A Mom-Friendly Culture

After earning my Bachelor of Engineering in my home country of India, I encountered several major life changes in a row. I got married. My husband’s employer is in The Netherlands, which meant I had to move to a new country. And I became pregnant.…

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Add A Heading

Israel |

Part 2 - Starting a New Job Remotely at Palo Alto Networks Israel - What Does it Look Like?

This week we will get to know our second group, which already has a few years of experience in the job market.

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Israel Remote

Latest News |

Starting a New Job Remotely at Palo Alto Networks Israel - What Does it Look Like?

Starting a new job is always challenging, and even more so during the past year or so when, due to Covid-19, everything was done remotely and according to Flexwork, the hybrid model for work.

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LEAP Grads2

Latest News |

Take A LEAP And Launch Your Career With Palo Alto Networks

LEAP provides a unique opportunity for young professionals to smoothly integrate into a full-time role.

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Nicholas Desilas

Veterans |

Advocating Mental Wellness

I had heard of some horror stories from my friends leaving the military to the corporate world! But I have been fortunate to have had some great mentors in George Lincoln, Raj Sharma, and Sean Duca who helped me navigate the new role.

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