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Being part of the cybersecurity industry is exciting, but joining Palo Alto Networks is next level

Just entering the peak stages of her career, Sugathri is already in her seventh year in the cybersecurity industry, and for her - it’s really only the beginning for the Prisma Cloud customer success engineer.

When asked what she likes most about her job, she answers, “saving organizations millions of dollars.” She is well aware that there's no stopping her now, as she knows that if attackers are quiet, they're coming up with something.

Prior to Palo Alto Networks, Sugathri was working in the retail industry, where she was the only woman and the only person looking after all IT security-related issues and was responsible for securing the e-commerce platform. 

Why Palo Alto Networks?

Sugathri reveals, “When I was working at other organizations, we were using Palo Alto Networks products, and I just saw how every quarter they met the demands of the customer by stopping our bad actors. I knew this was the company I had to be at so I could grow and advance myself.” Sugathri saw how her next opportunity at Palo Alto Networks would craft and fine-tune her expertise even further. “By being a cybersecurity professional, every person wants to land a job at a cybersecurity company. I saw how much value Palo Alto Networks was bringing to the industry.”

When Sugathri noticed a job role that was suitable for her, simultaneously, she had someone from Palo Alto Networks reach out to her. She says, “I think they read my mind; it was perfect timing and the transition was evident.” Ever since then, the rest was history, and she implements her engineering expertise to “maximize cloud protection and security so that customers are happy with the services Palo Alto Networks is providing.” In addition, Sugathri shares three crucial aspects of her role: “First is patience, second is really understanding the customer, and third is cross-training as constant learning and information sharing is vital.”

For young women coming into the cybersecurity industry…

As for being a trailblazer and an aspiration for many young women who are considering a tech career in the cybersecurity industry, Sugathri emphasized, “If it is a woman who is going to join, I would 100% recommend Palo Alto Networks. It is such a safe environment, and I am constantly supported by the leadership team. Starting from Nikesh all the way to my manager, everybody in that chain is a motivator and encourager.”

From her childhood, Sugathri saw the impact of analytical and research skills; she witnessed firsthand how they would help people. On top of pursuing her skillset in reverse engineering, she further pushes boundaries by completing a financial cybersecurity course. She advises, “I would say to anyone, if you have a zeal to learn something, you will learn it. It's your mind and your decision that drives you."

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