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7 Years at Palo Alto Networks

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Author: Bella Comin, Senior Recruiter, Sales

I feel so lucky and proud to say I’ve been here for seven years. I have reflected before  on my time here and why I’ve stayed as long as I have. There are definite no-brainer reasons (why wouldn’t I work for the leading cybersecurity company?) but what I always come back to is the feeling that Palo Alto Networks and I have grown up together.

We have both transformed and evolved since we met in 2017. We’ve grown, we’ve learned, we’ve taken risks, we’ve failed, and we’ve succeeded together. I think I feel so passionately about this company because of the transformation I’ve had as an employee and person while being here. I’ve met amazing people while working here who have shown me what it means to show up and work hard, do the right thing, and be a part of something bigger than myself.

I may not have a lot of experience outside of Palo Alto Networks, but since 2017, I feel like being here through this transformation has given me way more experience than moving companies could have. It has taught me how to evolve, remain agile and scrappy, and the importance of working as a team to figure out whatever challenge comes our way. I've learned grit and how to persevere through challenging times and I've learned to pause and enjoy the wins.

I always tell people that I’m so bummed I experienced this company so early in my career because I’ll be chasing this experience for the rest of my professional life. What we do matters here and if I’m going to work in tech, I’m going to work in cybersecurity and it’s going to be at Palo Alto Networks.

Even though we’ve gone through so much transformation over the last seven years, I know we’re both just getting started.

So, cheers to another seven (if I’m lucky)!

P.S. We're hiring. 

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