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Supercharging your career at Cloud Academy

Supercharging Your Career At Cloud Academy 600X450 R2

You already have the tools you need to unlock your full potential. The purpose of Cloud Academy is to help you realize this by providing a personalized development plan, in-depth knowledge of two rapidly growing industries, and dedicated mentorship from senior sales members of the team. Not only that, but you’ll have access to the full suite of world-class benefits that come with working at Palo Alto Networks.

Want to know more? Check out what Cloud Academy Boot Camp grads and Prisma Cloud sales specialists Patrick and Tiffany had to say about their experience:

What would you tell someone who is considering the Palo Alto Networks Cloud Academy?

Patrick: The topics and cases explored in Cloud Academy offered the opportunity to work alongside peers with a shared mission. Not only was I able to learn from their perspectives, but I foresee relationships that began here having a meaningful impact on my future growth.

Tiffany: Give it a try if you're interested in sales without direct sales experience.

How would you describe the culture of the Cloud Academy so far?

Tiffany: It’s good – people are open and willing to share.

Patrick: Cloud Academy creates the space for us to engage with industry peers on real world topics with a high degree of relevance to the customer. My cohort recognized that the unique opinions of our peers were valuable, as they reflect their past experiences and those of their clients.

Looking back over your experience so far – what advice would you give to someone who is just starting to embark on the Cloud Academy journey?

Patrick: Staying current in the tech industry is hard. It can be a struggle just to decide where to invest your time. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn in this structured format and pay it forward with your experiences. Join the constructive discourse. Everyone within your cohort is here for a reason, yourself included.

Tiffany: Don't rush yourself. It all takes time and we're all at different stages.

We’re on the lookout for the brightest talent to join us at the apex where cloud technology and cybersecurity collide. Apply today. 

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