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'Bring Your Kids To Work Day' at Palo Alto Networks!

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We were loud! We were full of energy! We were Palo Alto Networks on 'Bring Your Kids To Work Day!' Hundreds of employees brought along their kids to our headquarters in Santa Clara and Plano, Texas, to get a glimpse into the working world. This year’s national annual event theme was 'Inspire 2 Aspire,' encouraging a mindset where children are empowered to believe in and shape their own futures!

We witnessed the joy and curiosity in our young visitors as they explored various aspects of our workplace culture, learned about the exciting opportunities ahead, and shared deep and meaningful moments together at the office. Elesa Cooperson, Operations Relations Program Manager, says, 'My girls and I had a wonderful time! I am so grateful that the company puts on such an amazing program every year. We truly had a fantastic day together, and I love inspiring them about their future careers.'

Through our interactive security awareness and digital citizenship program, Cyber A.C.E.S., the children explored various cybersecurity concepts, such as responsible connectivity and online communication. They also learned about encryption by encoding and decoding messages with a cipher disk.

Our last activity was with our CEO Nikesh Arora and Chief People Officer Aimee Hoyt, hosting our 'Who Knows Cybersecurity?' game show to wrap up a fun-filled educational day, where parents and children got their chance to show off their knowledge. Overall, our audience's participation filled our afternoon with applause, warming the amphitheater with appreciation.

It is inspiring to see the younger generation actively participating in learning about protecting our digital way of life. A huge thank you to all the participating families in the game show, whose answers were imaginative yet aligned with our culture of building a safer online community.

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