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Farmers Market Returns to Palo Alto Networks Santa Clara Campus!

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By: Kevin McConvey |  Sr. Manager Business Services, Americas 

The return of our beloved farmers market has brought joy and convenience to our Santa Clara headquarters-based employees! This initiative, which began in 2018, aims to provide employees with easy access to fresh produce and local vendors while supporting the community. After a successful launch this May, the farmers market series is continuing throughout the summer, offering a diverse range of vendors and products. Learn about the origins of the farmers market, the highlights of the recent events and what to expect in the upcoming months!

Prior to the pandemic, Palo Alto Networks hosted a farmers market every other week – the concept was simple yet impactful. Instead of employees having to visit their local supermarket or farmers market, we brought the market to them. This not only made it convenient for employees to purchase fresh produce and other products for their homes but also provided a platform for local vendors to showcase their offerings. The farmers market became a win-win situation, benefiting both employees and the local community.

We relaunched the farmers market this May after our all-hands meeting, with over 1600 employees onsite that day. Fifteen vendors offered a wide range of products, including produce, snacks, beverages, crystals, jewelry and dog treats. At our latest farmers market in June, vendors included Pinnacle Farms, Cal Coast Kettle Corn, Made Out Of Dough, Bon Appetit, Mike + Anna Honey and many more!

The feedback from our employees has been overwhelmingly positive. The vendors reported positive revenue, and any excess produce was purchased by Bon Appetit to use in our kitchens, minimizing waste. 

Our campus farmers market has quickly become a highly-anticipated event among employees, fostering a sense of community and supporting the growth of small businesses by providing convenient access to fresh produce and a variety of local vendors. At our upcoming farmers markets, we are bringing back some of the same vendors while introducing new ones to keep the market fresh and exciting! Employees can look forward to discovering new products and supporting a diverse range of local businesses.

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