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A Long Journey That Brought Me Back Home

Welcome Home Jian Chen Systems Engineer, Global Accounts (2)

Jian Chen, Systems Engineer, Global Accounts

When I joined Palo Alto Networks in 2015, it was a leader in Next Generation Firewall and my role here was similar to a previous position I had held with Juniper Networks.

But as a systems engineer, I wanted to explore new technology, so I left Palo Alto after about seven months for a new challenge at Gigamon, a network visibility vendor. This was a completely new area for me, but I enjoyed the process of helping expand the business by working together with my colleagues.

I did it – and I also got the APAP top software engineer award in 2018.

After three years at Gigamon, I found that the area was too segmented, the technology updates happened too slowly and the market was too small. It was important to me to update my knowledge on the latest trends in software engineering.

When I looked around, I found that Palo Alto Networks had developed into a comprehensive leader in the cybersecurity area and led the development direction of network security technology, such as the XDR/XSOAR, public cloud security.

While I was gone, Palo Alto had become a very cool company. So I felt really lucky to be able to rejoin in 2021.

Now I am a Global Account Software Engineer on the China Enterprise team. In this role, I help our global accounts design their security architecture to face real world challenges, and I try to deliver our global team solutions to customers at the same time. 

I also advise our global team and the customer’s global team about the differences in requirements between the rest of the world and China, such as the Prisma Access China Model, and what needs to be done to comply with China’s Cybersecurity Law.

I love this role because I can gain a lot of new knowledge and really get to know the security requirements of our top customers.

Today, Palo Alto Networks is a real security vendor, offering the most comprehensive security solutions to our customers and leading the development of security technology through our own innovation, not by following others.

Palo Alto Networks grows very quickly, and I think I will have many new advancement opportunities in the future. This is a great company, the leader in nearly every technology field.

If you’re considering returning to Palo Alto Networks, I can tell you it’s worth it. Welcome back!

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