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A Long Road Led Me Back Home

Samantha Wingar, Territory Sales Manager

I joined Palo Alto Networks the first time in 2014, working out of the Singapore office. It was an exciting time, but there were a lot of changes personally as well: Getting married, moving to a new country, starting a new job and then finding out I was pregnant!

Just a week into my new role, I had to tell Palo Alto Networks that I was pregnant.

My manager was very supportive. I took about three months off when my daughter was born and then went back to Palo Alto Networks. It was a wonderful supportive environment and I have very fond memories of my time there.

There was an opportunity back home in New Zealand that my husband wanted to pursue. I was sad to leave Palo Alto Networks. I did initially look at how I could move home with them but by the time there was an opportunity in New Zealand, I'd already committed to another role.

We ended up in the U.S. about three years ago and the opportunity to work for Palo Alto Networks again came up. I jumped at it. It was a no brainer. And this time I'm not pregnant!

In the seven years since I've left, the company's gone through a lot of changes, a lot of really exciting innovation. It's been amazing to watch the evolution to a cybersecurity leader.

There's a lot I love about my current role. I've been empowered to be courageous, take risks, to have a growth mindset.  

In terms of what else I like here, every single day our mission is to make the world a safer place than it was yesterday. Personally, that's something that resonates, especially if you've got children.

There also are several other things that set Palo Alto Networks apart from other companies, such as the FLEX programs, which really makes the company stand out to prospective employees.

But the number one reason I came back was the culture and the leadership. We have some great leaders who are quick to adapt and embrace inevitable changes that businesses face. 

They lead, inspire and empower teams to succeed together. The company is passionate about developing emerging talent and they know a strong team culture is the foundation of a successful team.

To anyone who is considering returning to Palo Alto Networks after being away, I would say do it as quickly as you can. Do not delay! You've got the opportunity to come back into an organization that you enjoy and be part of a mission you believe in.

Absolutely take that opportunity to come back.

Samantha Wingar, Territory Sales Manager

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