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A Three-Letter Word Packs Plenty of Power

Fionnuala Zinnecker

Among the things I am focusing on this month is remembering the power of "yet.”

The quote (or mantra) is meaningful to me because it represents possibility. Rather than saying to myself "you don't have the skills to change roles,” I can add "yet" to the end of that sentence and realize that there are steps I can take to get where I want to go and achieve what I would like to achieve. 

For me, it turns a negative thought into a possibility and allows me to consider the options I have to change my situation.

Cybersecurity is a fascinating area to work in, ever-changing and fast-paced, and the opportunities for women are growing. My advice to anyone looking to move into cybersecurity would be to do your research and find out which areas of the industry excite you. 

Don't look at your current job, look at the skill set you have and how that can be adapted to other roles. Assess which existing skills you need to focus on or improve. Look up Palo Alto Network’s mission and values to ensure they meet your personal stance. 

Check out how you could add skills which could complement your existing knowledge and skill set and make you an even more valuable asset, either here or at other cybersecurity companies.

But joining Palo Alto Networks has some amazing benefits you might not find anywhere else.

They include the FLEXWORK program, which has enabled me to switch to a fully remote role, allowing me the flexibility to be at home when my children need me. 

We have other programs, including FLEXBenefits and FLEXLearn, that offer additional flexibility and support so I can take care of my mental and physical health – and also that of my family. 

My commitment to personal development has soared as a result of having the possibility to learn at my own pace and from a huge range of courses of relevance to me in my professional and personal life. And I haven’t finished working on that yet.

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