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A Week with the LATAM Professional Services Team

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Author: Eulalio (Lalo) Ruiz

In March I had the immense honor of orchestrating our first LATAM Professional Services Leadership off-site event in Mexico City. This milestone marks a profound achievement, one that fills both Josue Fernando Vazquez Rodriguez and me with immense pride and gratification, considering the five-year journey we've invested in nurturing this business segment. It was a momentous occasion where our team converged to strategize, innovate, and strengthen our collaborative bonds, paving the way for even greater successes in the dynamic landscape of LATAM professional services.

In addition to the pivotal leadership meetings that marked a significant milestone in our journey, we seized the opportunity to bolster the capabilities of our entire Professional Services (PS) consultant & Project Management (PM) team, as well as some our Systems Engineers from the team of Dula Hernandez , through comprehensive soft skills training sessions. These workshops were meticulously designed to enhance not only individual presentation skills but also to foster a sense of unity and cohesion within our team. We recognize the paramount importance of honing these skills as we navigate the trajectory of our organization's growth, which has skyrocketed by over 1000% in the span of five years. Furthermore, our consistent year-over-year growth of 30% underscores the necessity of fortifying our team's proficiency in both presentation acumen and collaborative teamwork. 

In our leadership discussions, we were privileged to gain invaluable insights from Norberto (Bert) Milan, Daniela Menendez , Marcos Oliveira , Christian Storey , and the SE management team of Jose Fernandez . Their contributions served as the foundation upon which we charted the course for our continued support and exponential growth. Additionally, our deliberations went into the strategic deployment of cutting-edge technologies, such as XSIAM, Prisma Cloud, and virtualization, underscoring our commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation and technological advancement.

Leadership from our resource management office, PS Operations, and Project Management Office (PMO) were able to receive this information and were able to articulate comprehensive plans that not only resonate with the dynamic demands of our market but also stay true to our core values. Allan Stanners Benjamin Zimon Cristina Mora, RMCP®️

To culminate the week's activities on a culturally enriching note, we orchestrated a tour of some of Mexico City's most significant historical sites. This immersive experience not only served as a delightful excursion but also provided our leaders with a profound understanding of the rich tapestry of culture and history that defines our roots. With each step, we were transported back in time to an era of grandeur and innovation, where the Aztec civilization flourished, leaving an indelible mark on the fabric of Mexican identity. By engaging with the remnants of ancient pyramids, intricate artwork, and awe-inspiring architecture, our leaders gained a newfound appreciation for the enduring legacy of our ancestors and the profound influence they continue to exert on our society. This immersive journey not only deepened our connection to our cultural heritage but also inspired us to carry forward the spirit of resilience, creativity, and reverence for tradition that defines the essence of Mexico and its people.


Our team is truly exceptional, comprised of self-motivated leaders driven by an insatiable desire to enhance the lives of everyone around them. Join us!

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