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Celebrating Latinx Heritage Month with ¡JUNTOS!

Latinx Heritage Month 2023 Kickoff 650X440 R1.2

Fostering Inclusivity and Community at Palo Alto Networks

Latinx Heritage Month recognizes and celebrates the histories, cultures and contributions of people whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America. We’re proud to shine a spotlight on the rich histories, vibrant cultures and invaluable contributions of Latinx individuals, with our ¡JUNTOS! employee network group (ENG) taking the lead in organizing a series of events and activities that honor Latinx culture and contributions throughout the month.

Alfredo Corral, a ¡JUNTOS! co-lead, says, “We would like for our comunidad to feel a sense of safety and assuredness when it comes to these economic times. As such, you’ll be seeing events for Latinx Heritage Month dedicated to Latinx empowerment, career development and overall health and career safety. We look forward to having our employees attend!” 

The ¡JUNTOS! ENG’s mission is to attract, connect and retain Latinx employees while providing them opportunities to develop their leadership. Their vision: A Palo Alto Networks community where Latinx members can feel safe sharing their stories, enhancing their careers and making Palo Alto Networks a more inclusive and diverse workplace. The ENG promotes collaboration and member involvement, helps to recruit underrepresented talent and develop the careers of existing employees, and impacts communities through outreach and education. All of our Palo Alto Networks ENGs also partner with our Corporate Responsibility team to uplift our communities through the ENG Community Grant Program. Together we awarded $220,000 in charitable grants across 40 organizations globally in fiscal year 2023

¡JUNTOS! partners with organizations and engages in volunteer experiences to impact local Latinx communities. Most recently, the ENG donated to the School of Arts and Culture at the Mexican Heritage Plaza, Latinitas, Fundacion Casa Rara and Latinas in Cyber via the ENG Community Investment Grants. Employees volunteered their time with Cristo Rey San Jose High School, the School of Arts and Culture at the Mexican Heritage Plaza, the Alzheimer’s Association and others! "The greatest experience I ever felt being part of ¡JUNTOS! was being part of a greater community. When we volunteered with Mexican Heritage Plaza and Cristo Rey I felt a connection to the community I had never felt before,” said co-lead Angela Robertson.

Palo Alto Networks recently announced the expansion of the Cyber Scholars program and will be sharing more details on social media throughout Latinx Heritage Month about our partnerships with the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU), Raíces Cyber and the José M. Hernández Reaching for the Stars Foundation. Marlon Richards, Costa Rica chapter sponsor, adds, “we are very thankful for the opportunity to be part of our international efforts – giving back to our Costa Rica communities brings passion, pride and a sense of real inclusion to our local colleagues.”

We kicked off Latinx Heritage Month by hosting a guest speaker who is trailblazing the path for Latinas in tech, Martha Niño, author of 'The Other Side: From a Shack to Silicon Valley'. All employees were invited to hear from Martha, a smart and powerful Latina who has triumphed over adversity and shared her inspiring story. Employees are also looking forward to "Career Consejos,” guest speaker Angel Aviles and “Cultivating Confidence and Latinx Empowerment for Success with Cristina Gutierrez,” with more to come!

As we celebrate Latinx Heritage Month, we are reminded of the significance of embracing diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Together, we're making strides toward a more inclusive future, where every day is safer and more secure for all.

Join us in celebrating and let's continue to champion diversity, inclusion and community involvement not just during this month but every day! 

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