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Cheers for Peers as We Celebrate Success Together.


Each quarter, Palo Alto Networks recognizes the accomplishments of team members in six key areas that form the foundation for the values that guide our company.

We’re grateful for their contribution to the success we achieve together, and that’s why we’re  asking everyone to indulge in some “Cheers for Peers” to honor their excellent work and commitment to our mission. Cheers for Peers is our internal peer to peer recognition platform that allows for personal recognition of how peers exemplify our values. Winners are determined every quarter. We sort through upwards of 150,000 recognitions to create a short list of candidates. This is then discussed amongst a global panel that determines the top winner for each value to be presented at the quarter All hands.

We also asked latest group of FY22, Q2 winners what earning this award means to them, and here is what they said:


John Horigan

John Horigan, Business Services Manager

Winner For: Inclusion

Creating an inclusive community is the foundation of our success here at Palo Alto Networks, and I couldn't receive this award without recognizing the amazing work our People and Places team does day in and day out. I'm very grateful to be part of such a diverse and talented organization! 


Florian Schmidt

Florian Schmidt, Cortex System Engineer Specialist

Winner For: Customer First

I am feeling honored and stoked at the same time. It makes me very proud to see that my everyday work is getting recognized by Palo Alto Networks and the upper management. I have to admit that I never saw it as something extraordinary. I am just doing my job, and for me the most important thing is to leave a happy and satisfied customer.


Ronen Meshel, Technical Trainer JAPAC

Winner For: Execution

During my tenure at Palo Alto Networks, I have been lucky enough to be afforded several opportunities to make an impact, and help the team where I can. It is within these moments that I strive to offer my best to my peers (and students). 

Feedback is always highly valued in the training and education industry, ensuring we are on the right path. Recognition for a job well done and being acknowledged through this award further solidifies my views on why we do what we do, further encouraging me to push the envelope and always strive towards the best. 

There are so many amazing people at Palo Alto Networks, and through positive reinforcement such as these awards, one can't help but feel that we are all moving forward together, ever improving. Go Palo Alto Networks, We've Got Next!


Courtney Healey, Cortex - Regional Sales Manager

Winner For: Disruption

It was a humbling surprise to be recognized by peers across the business! It's great to get recognition from your peers. 


Jason Gilbert Cornelio, Software Engineer, Site Reliability

Winner For: Integrity

I started off my journey at Palo Alto Networks as an intern in 2020, so being recognized for integrity marks an amazing journey so far. 

Over the past year, I feel I've learned not only how to make right decisions but also to follow them through. Winning this award motivates me to become a pillar of strength to both my team, and the company. 

It also shows that no matter how early you are in your career, being reliable and doing the right thing goes a long way. I'm thankful to have a very supportive team and leadership that helped me become the engineer I am today!


Deepu TV, Cortex Solutions Architect - SecOps

Winner For: Collaboration

It’s a great feeling to win this award, I am glad that I am recognized for collaboration as it's a key value for my role. This is definitely a morale booster for me as it further adds to my belief that great work does get appreciated and rewarded within Palo Alto Networks.

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