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Enter the Dragon: Welcoming Fortune and Inclusivity

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Welcome, the Year of The Dragon!

Lunar New Year is a vibrant and culturally significant festival celebrated by many East Asian communities around the world. We witnessed the traditional Lion dance performance at our headquarters in Santa Clara, a cultural custom that represents good luck, community unity, warding off evil spirits, and ultimately bringing excitement and entertainment to our employees.

Two of the most common New Year greetings dangled from the Lion’s mouth:



Meaning: wishing you prosperity in the coming year 

Pronunciation: gong-xi-fa-cai



Meaning: May your business flourish 

Pronunciation: sheng-yi-xing-long


Dennis Lee, Manager, Systems Engineering and ENG Co-lead of the InnovAsian (Asian Employee Network), describes the event, “Anytime there is entertainment and food at the office, it's an absolute joy! The sound of the drummers coordinated with a live performance of the Lion dance is just special at this time of the year. It meant a lot to me; I moved 2500 miles away from my family in NYC. I know others moved even further, so celebrating together with our colleagues felt like celebrating with family.”

Monique Hudson, Global I&D Business Partner, recently shared that observing Lunar New Year, “is a powerful way to recognize the cultural diversity within our teams. Through the collective guidance of our employee network groups InnovAsian (Asian Employee Network) and Aloha ‘Aina (Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders Employee Network), it helps educate others on how to join in to celebrate the Year of the Dragon through in-person and virtual events.”

We further represented the important value of inclusion by enjoying and learning about some of the treats and traditions that usually take place. From indulging in black sesame moon cakes to picking up red envelopes (representing tokens of good luck and fortune) - the energy ramped up to radiate a joyous and celebratory time symbolizing new beginnings.

As we continue to strive for excellence in the workplace through our core values, known as our P.U.L.S.E. (Psychological Safety, Understanding, Listen, Support, Elevate), seeing our peers coming together emphasizes our continued commitment to building a culture where all are welcome and supported. 

Happy Lunar New Year to all who celebrate, or recently learned something new!

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