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Fireside Chat with Chief Business Officer Amit Singh and Jose M. Hernandez

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By: Desiree Lehrbaum, VP Marketing Strategy, Growth & Ops

As part of our Palo Alto Networks Alto Networks Latinx Heritage Month celebration, I had the absolute pleasure of hosting a Fireside Chat with Chief Business Officer Amit Singh and Jose M. Hernandez, who in 2009 became the first Mexican American NASA astronaut (and he has a snazzy blue jumpsuit to prove it!)

Jose was raised in a migrant farmworker family that moved with the crop seasons and nurtured his love of school. Jose was imbued with the value of love and education. We explored themes including the value of hard work, strategic perseverance (rejected 11 times by Shuttle program), and how one person's belief in you can literally change the trajectory of your life.

Highly recommend his book, Reaching for the Stars, and am so excited to see the Amazon Studios movie about his life next year.

Such a thrill to see our Latinx comunidad and employees and their kids - be so inspired by Jose’s journey. Representation matters.

Muchisimas gracias to JUNTOS Leadership Angela Flores Robertson for leading this effort, and the dream team Alfredo Corral, Yuritzi Vargas, Wendy Tanabe, Ryan Alton, and Kyle Castro.

Vamos Palo Alto Networks!

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