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InnovASIAN’s Fireside Chat with Dipak Golechha

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InnovASIAN, the Palo Alto Networks Asian employee network group (ENG), recently hosted a “Fireside Chat” session with their executive sponsor, Chief Financial Officer of Palo Alto Networks Dipak Golechha. Highlights of the event ranged from his advice for new employees and lessons from previous leadership experience, to rich discussions around artificial intelligence (AI) and the future of Palo Alto Networks in the field.

One of the topics Dipak delved into was the importance of employee network groups within Palo Alto Networks. He mentioned that when he first moved to the United States for his work with Procter & Gamble, Dipak asked himself: “Am I allowed to be here?” and “Is this a problem?” For many of us who seek community and connection within ENGs, we can see ourselves in these questions. Whether it is impostor syndrome, moving to a new location or country, or even being brand new to Palo Alto Networks, InnovASIAN helps to provide a space for this community and allies. He went on to say that he reached out to the Asian network group because he felt it was a safe space for him, and further credits that ENG with his ability to acclimatize.

Like Dipak, connecting with people from your community and your allies allows you to bring your authentic self to work. ENGs like InnovASIAN provide a safe space to host informational webinars, provide career development opportunities, explore non-traditional leadership opportunities, and celebrate holidays unique to our cultures. If you’re looking to join a company who values inclusion as one of their core values, look no further.

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