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Inside Inspiration: Part 5

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From those humble beginnings in Santa Rosa, Calif., in 1978, our recognition of the contributions of women throughout history has rightfully grown into a month-long celebration that spans the globe.

As the 2022 observance draws to a close, we’ve asked your Palo Alto Networks colleagues to share some final bits of wisdom and inspiration so all of us continue building on the foundation of diversity and inclusion created by groundbreaking women who refused to accept the status quo:


Aneesha More

Aneesha More, Principal Customer Success Engineer

“Ordinary things done consistently create extraordinary results.”

It means that every good thing I do with consistency and diligence, matters. It could be personal, professional or social. No effort is trivial or pointless. It contributes to a greater goal.


Anu Vijh

Anu Vijh, Senior Marketing Manager, GSI

"You define your destiny"

It means that we ourselves hold the key to our success and our future.


Merrill Anne Jordan

Merrill Anne Jordan, Training and Knowledge Manager

“Life is deep and simple, and what our society gives us is shallow and complicated.” - Fred Rogers

We are so much more than what others see on the surface; deep, complex individuals who have rich inner lives and are worth knowing and loving.


Monisha Seksaria

Monisha Seksaria, Director, Business Systems, Finance 

“Change is inevitable. Growth is Optional. Choose Wisely.”

Life is an evolution, and we need to keep challenging ourselves and get better each day.


Helena Cannady, Major Account Manager

“Strong women. May we be them, may we raise them and may we be surrounded by them!”

This thought makes me stronger, as well as always being aware of helping other women and being appreciative for all the strong women in my life that help to support me.


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