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Making the World Safer Every Day? Works for Us!

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The pandemic has shifted the work paradigm in ways never seen before, forcing millions of people to question their career choices and put new emphasis on doing work that matters – to them, their communities and to the world.

At Palo Alto Networks, we take pride in the strong bond we have forged with our team members, thanks to our focus on providing clear, direct mission objectives that allow our employees to build rewarding careers and contribute to the daily well-being of people all over the globe.

How does our commitment to a safer world manifest itself in the everyday lives of our team members? We asked them two questions to find out:

What is the most fulfilling aspect of your job?

How would you say your job helps us achieve our vision of a world where each day is safer and more secure than the one before?

Here is what they had to say:

Kristi Evans, Recruiter

The ability to offer an individual a job that is very impactful in their life with a company that cares about them.

Hiring smart and driven people who collaborate with one another in a positive environment securing the cyber world in all facets.

Adam Fisher, Talent Acquisition Manager JAPAC

Working with the brightest and the best people every day and working for a company that really does make a difference.

I get to hire the people to build the business and make our vision a reality.

Shagun Choudhary, Talent Sourcer

Helping people get the right job for them, resulting in their career growth.

Educating candidates in the market about Palo Alto Networks and working closely with them to fill any gaps during the interview process and helping them land jobs here, as having the best people here contributes to the success of our mission.

Lorri O'Brien, Major Sales Rep

Finding NEW business and finding innovative ways to get through to C-Suites.

Messaging, branding, storytelling to our prospects, along with growing major customers and offering ongoing education sessions, webinars, and conceptual visualization for prospects.

Jason Coleman, Major Account Executive

Assisting corporations to fill security gaps that are of concern.

By performing a transfer of knowledge with customers over technology and services.

  Tim Foltz, Cortex Account Executive

The freedom and flexibility that I have to achieve success in my role, in my own way.

Getting customers to understand the power of the Cortex portfolio, and how it can transform security operations.

Saniya Mohiuddin, Associate Systems Engineer

I love my supportive team! No achievement goes by unrecognized or without being truly celebrated.

 As part of the SE Academy, we are ramping up with tons of product knowledge and tech sales skills which are equipping us to join the field as Systems Engineers in the next few months and help achieve the company's vision by sharing our products with the world!

Lynette Owens, SASE Sales Leader, Americas Strategics

Knowing that we are solving our customer’s problems, making them more efficient and secure to ensure that their customers are more secure.

Helping our customers leverage our solutions for a more automated approach to ensuring security without relying on human intervention. Advising our customers on best practices of leveraging our platform, moving from legacy solutions to create a more proactive security profile for our customers and therefore their customers.

Nicholai Piagentini, Principal Solutions Architect

When I can teach and enhance a customer’s knowledge in cybersecurity. I like it when what we do genuinely helps a customer excel in their job.

I encourage large customers to look at their security differently and to make it more efficient.

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