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My first 45 days at Palo Alto Networks

Oct22 PANW First 45 Days 600X450 (2)

By: Swati Naik 

This was my job jump after almost 10 long years! 

There was excitement and also fear … 

Before joining, I had read about how to tackle the first 90 days 

So that I land softly, create an impact and successfully chart my way.


Soon enough, I realized I don't have those 90 days to deep dive …  

With an accelerated pace of things here – it all needed to get done in 45!

All around, I saw – optimism, speed, enthusiasm and a hunger to grow

We are on a path to meet some super ambitious goals … 

Go, Palo Alto Networks, go!


Since I joined at the end of the financial year in mid-July, 

I had a unique vantage point to see all the swagger 

as 2022 numbers closed at an all-time high!

And to be part of the discussions for 2023 plans that aim for the sky! 

So, now I am all charged up to try these stretch goals and give it my best! 


The onboarding process was well streamlined.  

My email, ID and laptop were all set even before I joined

HR documents and paperwork got done without much fuss  

And the "surprise" new joinee office setup allowance was simply fabulous!  


The biggest transition for me was from Windows to Mac … I took some time to get things right. 

Making friends with the Command key and other such tricks made it less of a fight.   

I mastered new ways to Zoom and changed from Outlook to Gmail 

I got into the hang of Google Docs, Slides … just enough to survive, but I still need to master the details. 


With all the info available on The Loop – 

I was able to get all the scoop 

My learning curve didn't turn out to be all that steep 

Plus, it had all the amazing sales training content on Accelerate that didn't put me to sleep! 

My team and the rest of the ecosystems made me comfortable from Day 1 

My manager (I need those brownie points!) helped me navigate and focus on what needed to get done.   


As days go by, now I am no longer the new kid on the block 

I need to run…now there is no time to walk.

But I am not too perplexed

'coz here at Palo Alto, We have got next!

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