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Pura vida in Costa Rica! A 4 plus-year journey in the making

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AUTHOR: Marlon Richards, General Manager, Costa Rica Operations

At Palo Alto Networks in Costa Rica, our growth has been an adventure filled with amazing challenges and opportunities for both our local talent and the business units that benefit from it. We are building on our reputation of being an employer that takes care of their people, working toward our mission of being the cybersecurity partner of choice, protecting our digital way of life. 

Being an operation that was born right before the pandemic presented challenges. But it also allowed us to showcase our local talent in a different setting, which proved to be a great baseline for our growth. It all began with Sales and Sales Operations opening a few positions to support regional needs for Sales, Channel Operations, Bid Response, Deals Desk and Data Governance. By showing value and results in the short term, we more than doubled our staff, developing more growth opportunities, and driving interest and growth for other groups such as R&D, Marketing and Global Customer Services. The nine business units we have now enjoy the collaboration of our amazing people and our ’’Pura Vida’’ way of life. 

Here are a just a few reasons why people are joining Palo Alto Networks in Costa Rica:

  • People love to learn about our culture, our shared dedication to inclusion and disruption, and also about our teamwork that generates ideas and innovation constantly. Our Site Programs (that we like to call ’’Beyond Our Day to Day’’) offer safe spaces to people to participate in activities to support the causes and communities they care about.
  • The fast-paced nature of our business, leadership, corporate values, challenges, compensation and benefits, and career opportunities are all a main part of what attracts people to join us, but I would say the very first thing is the people. Having the chance to work with great and sharp minds that push the envelope and also work on projects and assignments that keep you on your toes helps you grow.
  • Our 72% YoY HC Growth is the best attestation of the achievements of our current workforce and the interest of the best talent in Costa Rica to join the global cybersecurity leader, as we look forward to what’s next.

The best is yet to come for our Costa Rica workforce - join us on our Pura Vida journey, and be part of the story!



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