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Take A LEAP And Launch Your Career With Palo Alto Networks

LEAP Grads2

What Is LEAP?

LEAP is a two-year, global program made up of early-in-career professionals invested in protecting our digital way of life. The program is designed to equip them with essential knowledge and skills that will set them up for success. It focuses on key competencies such as communication, adaptability, and managing the expectations of your job to succeed. The newly graduated employees in LEAP are also provided with a close knit community throughout the company and the world. 

Where Is LEAP Now?

Two years ago, the LEAP program welcomed their first 25 professionals in the EMEA (Europe Middle East Africa) region. They joined the Technical Support Engineering, Sales, and Systems Engineering teams.

The cohort moved across countries to Amsterdam where they could flexibly work from the office or from home. They experienced two years of challenging projects, building networks, leadership panels, professional development and great friendships. Time passes fast around here, and we cannot believe the first cohort has successfully graduated. We are excited to see how they will continue to grow and thrive at Palo Alto Networks. 

What Are Some Key Learnings From Our First Cohort?

  • Palo Alto Networks provides a welcoming and supportive environment that will encourage you to take meaningful risks.
  • You play an integral and important role when it comes to contributing to ambitious company goals.
  • Top of the chain leaders are happy to take time out of their busy schedules to give practical advice to you. 
  • Palo Alto Networks celebrates diversity and intersectionality, enabling you to learn something new everyday and optimally solve problems. 
  • LEAP is not an end, but rather a beginning that gives young professionals a launch pad to a successful career.

Why Launch Your Career With Us?

LEAP provides a unique opportunity for young professionals to smoothly integrate into a full-time role. Early-in-career folks often can feel overwhelmed and confused as they transition into becoming working members of their teams. Our program seeks to address and mitigate these feelings by providing mentorship, support and guidance. 

So, are YOU ready to get started? Check out our Early-In-Career Page to begin exploring opportunities globally! 

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