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The Women in Technology World Series Online Festival

Dilruba Malik (1)

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The Women In Technology Online Festival was created to inspire, celebrate and unify women tech professionals and diversity advocates from across the globe. Every year they have an amazing group of speakers - In order to see my name with these awesome established speakers I had to submit to see where they have a gap. As you can see from the Agenda, I am the only one with a QA topic. Last year I attended this conference and saw how they selected the topic. I have worked hard to submit my abstract with their guideline. Finally, I got accepted 3 months ago.

This conference was one of the best so far. It was a paid conference. I have attended and got inspired by the  Keynote Conversation With Former First Lady Michelle Obama. There were a lot of sessions during the 5 day-long conferences. I have attended a few of them.

My Topic was “Transforming Your QA Team In An Agile Environment”

I’ve shared my expertise on Transforming your team as a QA Leader. You need to be an effective communicator, problem-solver, detail orientated, adaptable, and use your time efficiently. You need to be a confident team player who can negotiate for his/her team and unblock any obstacle your team might encounter. I will share the tricks and tips to make the journey easier in defining a goal for your team and working with your team to achieve the goal.

Key Takeaways:

  • Define the ground rule for your team
  • Cultivate QA team culture
  • Define Quality metrics to ensure the team deliverable
  • Define short and long term goal for the team

I was very privileged to represent Palo Alto Networks in such a global Platform. I love to contribute to Palo Alto Networks' external representation at global conferences like this one. During the same week, I have also spoken to another conference WomenTech Network Global Conferences 2021:

I have been speaking to WomenTech Networks since 2020. This year my topic was Leading Remotely.

My Talk  at UCSF:

Fireside Chat: Choose to Challenge:

Technical Webinar:

Panel Session: Applying Emotional Intelligence to the Tech Workplace:

My article on QA Myths:

Palo Alto Networks blog:

InherSight mention:

5 Minutes With WomenTech Influencer Dilruba Malik:

Advice To My Younger Self: Women In Leadership Edition:

Speaker Profile:


Dilruba Malik (1)

Software QA Manager, IoT Security

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