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World Mental Health Day Highlights How We Put People First

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World Mental Health Day is observed globally on October 10 and serves to remind us of the vital importance of mental health and individual well-being, especially amid uncertain and tumultuous times.

As a fast-paced, action-oriented company, we know each employee has their ways of approaching challenges we all face. Rather than offering a blanket approach to something so personal, Palo Alto Networks uses our passion for our people to offer mental health benefits designed to put flexibility and choice first and recognize each employee and their unique needs.

FLEXBenefits, part of our pioneering suite of FLEXWORK programs, offers resources that ensure employees and their families are healthy, supported and protected—including a global benefits program that gives you $1,000 a year to spend on items or experiences that refresh and bring joy.

In addition to FLEXBenefits, our culture of trust goes beyond hybrid work and empowers employees to make the best workplace decisions for them and their families. We don’t mandate time spent in our offices for most roles, and we trust employees to complete their individual work wherever they feel most focused, relaxed and engaged. 

Palo Alto Networks also has a robust Employee Assistance Program that helps make well-being a priority and provides another expression of our commitment to each employee’s development, motivation and engagement.

Through our EAP, eligible employees can access face-to-face confidential counseling visits, referral tools, resources, along with consultations to address stress, emotional health, relationships, home life, financial and legal issues and career support. 

Employees and their eligible dependents have access to self-serve resources through Modern Health, our global mental wellness partner. This includes private sessions with certified mental health, career and financial coaches, private counseling sessions with licensed clinical therapists, unlimited live group sessions, guided meditations and more.

All of these programs are complemented by our empathetic, accessible leadership, which provides employees with the support they need to find authentic connection. At Palo Alto Networks, our culture aims to empower people to grow professionally, thrive personally and create a work experience that is right for them.

Find out more about how we empower employee well-being every day with FLEXWORK and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to learn more about #LifeAtPaloAltoNetworks.

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