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Disrupting the Future

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Palo Alto Networks’ interns explain how they are equipped and ready to change the world in the #DisruptingYourFuture campaign.

Here at Palo Alto Networks, we are on a mission to disrupt the cybersecurity status quo and ensure that every day is more secure than the last. As our organization continues to configure solutions for our world’s toughest security problems and reimagine the workplace with initiatives like FLEXWORK, there seems to be no group more excited to disrupt the future than Palo Alto Networks’ interns.

The #DisruptingYourFuture campaign aims to showcase this generation of young adults and how they are focusing on challenging the status quo, both in the workplace and in the world. With the chaos of COVID-19, calls for social justice reform, and the evolution of technology, this generation is beginning their careers in a time like never before. As they continue to stand-tall in the face of adversity, those who are early-in-career are eager to make a difference.

Throughout this campaign, many of the 202 Palo Alto Networks’ interns were asked to think critically about how resilience has played a role in securing an internship at Palo Alto Networks, how they have handled remote work and stayed motivated, and most pertinent to our core value of disruption: “How do you foresee yourself and this generation disrupting the future?” 

Hear from a few of our interns below:

“This generation hasn’t been afraid of speaking out about issues from toxic work cultures to systemic racism and I don’t see that changing. If there’s a better way to do things for everyone, I think this generation will have the opportunity and motivation to try to do better.”

Kelsey Henson, Software Engineering Intern, Georgia Tech

“Inequality and injustice have long been able to exist in the structure of our society, and myself and this generation are taking a stand against them. We’re taking a stand against all forms of hate and breaking down barriers. We’re the generation that grew up with the most interconnected world and we recognize our responsibility to make it better.”

Christian Brake, Customer Success Engineering Intern, Eastern Michigan University

“In the future, I hope to be a part of the creation of software products to protect businesses, organizations, schools and even governments that will safeguard the digital future. I want to be involved in creating a safe environment for the digital world to grow.”

Yamini Mathur, Software Engineering Intern, Iowa State University

“Our generation has more resources than ever and is on the rise. We’ve been through difficulties but we are ambitious and resilient. With that, we can disrupt the future.”

Yanan Lin, Prisma Access Intern, University of Southern California

Getting the opportunity to work at Palo Alto Networks, an organization that holds disruption as a core value, interns are able to gain hands-on experience on how to truly make our world a better, safer place. Navigating a new normal is not easy — especially as one begins their career — but with a launchpad like Palo Alto Networks, the sky’s the limit. 

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