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Elevating The Next Generation Of Talent On Intern Appreciation Day

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Happy Intern Appreciation Day! Our interns create a lasting impact at Palo Alto Networks through their bright ideas and flawless execution. From challenging projects, to community building events, and professional development sessions, our program provides a career defining experience across business functions. 

Alicia, Sales Intern, shares that her most memorable experience was the opportunity to lead customer meetings and help her team manage opportunities. “Feeling my team's trust in me and seeing my hard work pay off was really rewarding. It was an important milestone in my professional development, and it showed me that I can take responsibility and have a real impact on the success of the team.” Tianna, Proactive Risk Management Intern, dove right in from day one. She shared, “my most memorable experience during the program has been working on the various cases and exercises with my manager Steve, principal consultant at Palo Alto Networks. Steve gives me the freedom to explore and learn anything I want—from working on the incident response team to participating in tabletop exercises for offensive security cases.” At Palo Alto Networks internships are not just a checkbox, but rather an opportunity for you to build a career that suits your interests.

A core pillar of our program is setting up interns for success beyond Palo Alto Networks. To ensure interns thrive,  the Early Talent team hosts a series of virtual and in person professional development events throughout the summer. Miguel, Field Operations (Order Management) Intern expressed his gratitude for the Early Talent team: “I found the [professional development] events very informative—not only is professional development important for my time as an intern, but also as I accelerate my career as a full time employee.” “With the help of the Early Talent team, I felt more comfortable networking with employees and reaching out to schedule coffee chats.” Cade, Technical Sourcer intern shared that “the amazing events (both virtual and in person) provided an opportunity to network, collaborate with multiple managers, and increase my understanding of recruitment at Palo Alto Networks.” “My confidence is a credit to the Early Talent Team [who] consistently checked in to make sure I was working on exciting projects…and motivated [me] to take advantage of the opportunities they provided.”

You might be wondering, what sets our program apart from the rest? Connor, Field Sales Operations Intern shared that the “internship gave me the freedom to create a unique experience.” “Palo Alto Networks has allowed me to make the role my own since I first joined. From designing my projects, taking ownership of high-importance and impactful work, and even gaining experience outside my position, my internship provided opportunities to build the skills I wanted while completing projects that made a real difference in the company.” Our program puts interns in the driver's seat, allowing you to make the most of your time here. Even though you are in the driver’s seat, you will never feel unsupported: a support system of mentors and full time employees is there to cheer you on each step of the way. Aakshi, Cloud & AI Services Architect Intern was ecstatic for “the chance to work alongside innovators, educators and implementers [who] will truly help further enable her skills.”  “No matter what hurdle you might be facing, you will never find yourself alone trying to overcome the challenges. The guidance and support at Palo Alto Networks is unmatched.”  

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