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Internship Tips for a Full-time Future

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Author: Amber Belle Mead, Learning Experience Designer, Sales Enablement

Had someone mentioned that my very first internship would pave the way for discovering a job I love at a company perfectly suited for me, I would have dismissed them as overly positive. Little did I know, that would become an unexpected reality, and I now find myself working in a role that perfectly aligns with my passions and skills, while also challenging me. 

An internship is often the first opportunity we have to dip our toes into the real-world pond of professional experience. With the anticipation that this journey’s end might mark the beginning of a new and exciting adventure – the dive from intern to full-time employee. This shift is more than just a change in title; it’s a transformation that turns dedication and learning into a lasting career.

For many, this may seem like a daunting plunge, but don’t worry, you’re not alone! I shared the nervous anticipation; however, after reflecting on my internship, I was able to recognize both my professional and personal growth, which gave me a sense of reassurance. To ease your own journey into full-time status, consider these four actionable steps you can take during your internship:

1. Immerse Yourself!

Think of an internship as a trial period to discover what professional path resonates with you. I strongly encourage you to be open to fully immersing yourself in knowledge, experiences, and insights, recognizing that our ever-evolving world offers an endless well of learning opportunities! This mindset was instrumental in me unlocking my inner potential and identifying the tasks that genuinely ignite my passion.

2. Be Iterative!

Recognize that perfection is elusive and continuous improvement is key. Form a habit of actively seeking feedback on your work. This initiative empowers you to identify areas for improvement and transform challenges into strengths. Embrace the practice of implementing feedback now, and it will become second nature by the time you transition to a full-time role!

3. Ask Questions!

Asking questions in the workplace is crucial for fostering a culture of open communication and collaboration. It not only demonstrates a proactive approach to problem-solving, but also enriches understanding, promotes learning, and leads to more informed decision-making. Remember, there is no such thing as a silly question!

4. Be a Social Butterfly!

Whether you find yourself in a remote, hybrid or in-office work environment, cultivating your network is essential. During my fully remote internship, I actively engaged in various company networks and clubs, connecting with wonderful individuals I might never have encountered otherwise. Now, as I navigate a hybrid work model, I've expanded my interactions to include in-office socializing. Beyond ensuring that your work aligns with your values, it's equally essential to resonate with the company culture, and the most effective way to achieve this is through meaningful interactions with your colleagues. This contributes to a sense of belonging and helps to identify mentors who can guide you through both the internship and the transition to full-time employment.

Overall, embrace your journey and be proud of all you’ve accomplished. Dive in, be open, and remember, each step is a building block for your fantastic career ahead. You've got this!


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