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Embracing Flexibility, Allyship and Well-being at Palo Alto Networks

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Author: Lina Norton, Systems Engineer Mid Market

Choosing the right employer is a pivotal decision that not only shapes our professional journey but also has deep effects on our personal life. 

As I was searching for a new employer after a sabbatical and six years at a competitor, I knew that flexibility, allyship and well-being were non-negotiable factors which I needed to find a certain fulfillment in my job. 

Palo Alto Networks is undeniably a company driven by growth, and a fast-paced environment filled with its share of challenges and opportunities, ups and downs. However, amidst this rapid momentum, the company has deeply integrated values and offers toolkits for employees to leverage in navigating the whirlwind, which I have been able to experience first-hand. 

As someone with family abroad and friends across the globe, the flexibility to work remotely as part of the EMEA Sales team - has been invaluable. I have combined visits to loved ones with my professional responsibilities, making it easier to maintain connections despite the distance. I have also had the opportunity  to pursue my passions and hobbies outside of work. Whether it's spending time DJing or hitting the trails on my mountain bike, I have been able to  strike a healthy balance between professional and personal interests.

Well-being means different things to different people, and for me, it encompasses various aspects. It includes maintaining a healthy mental state, pursuing my interests, being part of a supportive culture, feeling valued for my contributions, and continuously challenging myself intellectually. When it comes to well-being and allyship, the company's commitment to employee development is evident through its support and resources. For example, Palo Alto Networks offers 10 hours of free therapy and coaching sessions per year, emphasizing the importance of personal well-being and growth. This support empowers us to navigate challenges with resilience and thrive both personally and professionally.

In conclusion, as I reflect on my first six months at Palo Alto Networks, I've come to realize that the values of flexibility, allyship and well-being aren't just buzzwords here—they're deeply ingrained in the fabric of the company culture. 

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