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Flexibility, Learning and Growth with Palo Alto Networks Unit 42

Lauren Unit 42 650X440 R1

Author: Lauren Baxter, Senior Consultant, DFIR - EMEA

While eight months might not seem like a long time, my experience with the team has made it feel like I've been part of it for years! 

Right from the beginning, I had a mentor guiding me through the onboarding, addressing my numerous questions. A virtual induction day provided valuable insights into the company and various portals; knowledge I still use today. Additionally, the option to expense my home office setup was a fantastic perk!

Although I've been involved in incident response for almost 10 years, making a career transition within the cybersecurity sector can still feel daunting, particularly as a woman in a predominantly male-dominated field. However, from the moment I joined, the team has been incredible, creating a relaxed and enjoyable work environment. Special kudos to the UK DFIR team!

Working at Unit 42 has significantly enhanced my technical skills, thanks to the exciting incidents we handle daily. Our global team collaborates seamlessly to assist clients in investigations and recovery. What distinguishes Unit 42 from the companies I've previously been employed with is the extensive product range offered by Palo Alto Networks. We've utilized a vast array of these products during incidents, which has been incredibly beneficial for learning and providing recommendations to our clients.

The internal training surpasses any I've encountered in my career. Moreover, we receive an annual training budget for external courses, fostering a culture of self-development and demonstrating the importance that Unit 42 places in continuous learning.

In the high-stakes world of incident response, with tight deadlines and client demands, I quickly immersed myself into major ransomware cases. While it was both thrilling and demanding, the supportive team acknowledges the challenges of burnout and mental exhaustion. My manager emphasizes the importance of taking time off, demonstrating genuine concern for employees.

The flexible work hours, especially for staff with children, contribute to a positive work-life balance. Regular one-on-one sessions with Unit 42 team members have provided insights into company values and goals. I have also been discussing promotion already which is really exciting! 

As you can probably tell I thoroughly enjoy working here with the Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 team and I’m super excited to see where my journey here will take me. Join us!


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