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Four Questions with Internal Mobility Success Story Dominic Botez

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After joining Palo Alto Networks in 2015 as a talent sourcer in the Netherlands, Dominic Botez was thrilled to learn that when he was ready for a new challenge last year, our internal mobility program was ready for him.

The innovative program that encourages current employees to transition into open roles within the company and provides a direct line to hiring managers was just what Dominic needed when he sought a larger role, and it led him directly to his current position as a sourcing manager, EMEA & LATAM.

We caught up with Dominic recently to ask four questions about his experience with internal mobility at Palo Alto Networks.


Q: Tell us why you came to Palo Alto Networks

A: After I completed my master's degree in human resources at University of Groningen in The Netherlands, I was looking for entry level opportunities and I stumbled upon a talent sourcing role based in Amsterdam.

I have to admit, I had not heard of Palo Alto Networks yet, but after checking their YouTube channel (yes, this was a trend in 2015!) and reading up on them, I got hooked by the vision, mission, values, and leadership of the organization. 

Special shout out here to Nir Zuk for chasing his vision and founding Palo Alto Networks, which was a story that made joining the company even more intriguing and attractive. 

It sounded very cool for me to be part of an innovative and disruptive organization that wanted a world where each day is safer and more secure than the one before.

I was sold and since I joined the family, I have had various roles within the talent acquisition team, including talent sourcer, recruitment business partner, and senior early talent recruiter and for the past six months manager, talent sourcing EMEA & LATAM.


Q: Why did you decide to use internal mobility? 

A: During summer 2022, I felt ready for a new challenge. I was already doing pro bono mentoring hours at the university where I studied and I gained positive energy from helping out new team members whenever they would approach me for advice.

This made me realize that I wanted to experience my first management role and what better place to try this out than at Palo Alto Networks? I started searching for opportunities within the wider people team. 

After a few minutes of searching, there it was: "Manager, Talent Sourcing EMEA & LATAM" based in Amsterdam. I read the job description and after consulting with my mentor, my manager, and others with whom I discuss career growth, I decided that this was the right time and opportunity to take this step. 


Q: How are you enjoying your new role?

The new role exposed me to a completely new way of working, because until then I focused 100 percent on my senior early talent recruiter tasks and supporting my business partners. 

My first management role has been a great way to develop strategic thinking, collaboration skills, and learn to always keep my mind open to fresh and innovative ideas. 

I really enjoy being there for my team and besides our regular team meetings, we have separate one-on-one meetings to discuss how I can support them in their day to day work so they successfully achieve their goals. 

This experience has pleasantly surprised me and once again proved something that I strongly believe: During life we are continuously learning. And that is exactly what this new role has brought me, a new learning experience that makes me develop as a person and professional and builds upon the skills I have developed in the previous seven years of my career.


Q: What would you say to colleagues considering internal mobility? 

I would recommend everyone check out our internal mobility opportunities. 

Personally, I believe that Palo Alto Networks has a great culture that inspires growth and innovation, and that is exactly what motivates some of us to take their next career steps here. 


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