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Meet Commercial Sales Manager Rosa Starke

Meet Rosa (650 × 440 Px)

Rosa is a commercial sales manager based in Berlin. Find out what led her to make a career change and join Palo Alto Networks, her thoughts on our culture and work environment, and the advice she has for candidates who are considering a career here!

What influenced you to join Palo Alto Networks?

Before diving into the IT world, I worked in procurement for Germany's biggest furniture chain. The furniture industry is quite conservative and follows a very old- school way of managing a business. After about three years I realized that my personal beliefs aren't compatible with that anymore. I was introduced to Palo Alto Networks and the rapid development of cybersecurity, the modern working conditions, and the opportunity to contribute to the success of the customers at the same time made me curious. I took the plunge and went through both an industry change as well as a job change.

What is the impact that Palo Alto Networks has made to shape your career?

The move to Palo Alto Networks has been a big improvement both in my personal and professional development. Tech Sales is a fast-paced work environment with little room for error. It is essential to have a team around you that supports and pushes you along the way to be successful. Palo Alto Networks makes sure to enable an environment that supports me as I grow with the constantly evolving tasks and challenges. And it's even fun at the same time! At our last SKO I realised that I can work with the best in the industry worldwide, learn from them and protect our digital way of life. In addition, our flexible working hours allow me to balance my personal schedule with my job, so I don't miss out on hobbies and family.

How would you describe the culture at Palo Alto Networks?

For me, working from the home office was new. And to be honest, that was also my biggest concern when I applied. Having all onboarding and get-to-know sessions remotely as an industry outsider in an international company was something I imagined to be challenging. Due to the proactively supportive employee culture at Palo Alto Networks, the onboarding was easier than I thought. I felt part of the team immediately and was never lost. My colleagues are all very attentive and try to support me where they can. This behaviour is infectious and so positive internal social relationships are created.

Is there any message that you would like to give to the other potential candidates out there?

For all potential applicants, I would like to say the following: Be brave, take the step into the unknown, give everything you can and you will be successful. I also know the thought of not being good enough. The biggest walls that need to be knocked down are in our heads. I am very happy I took the chance on a career at Palo Alto Networks!

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