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Meet the Commercial Sales Team at Palo Alto Networks France!

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Author: Thomas Guerin, District Sales Manager, Commercial Accounts

Thinking about joining the team in France? Here’s what you need to succeed!

Adaptability and Confidence

As a commercial sales manager, you take on the entire Palo Alto Networks platform. You engage with mid-market clients who often have small cybersecurity teams and a wide range of areas to address, including audit, compliance, user experience and visibility. This requires you to have a comprehensive understanding of Palo Alto Networks offerings and the ability to adapt to the varied needs of different clients. 

You must be self-reliant in presenting solutions, understanding the competition, navigating our tools and processes, and discussing topics such as IT infrastructure, networks, cloud, monitoring and backup, all within the same meeting.

Quick Thinking

Our business landscape is characterized by a diverse range of clients, partners and projects. Therefore, it's essential to be responsive and efficient while also taking the time to thoroughly assess each project to make informed decisions at the right time. 

There's a need to accelerate progress on some projects, while at other times, a controlled 180-degree pivot might be necessary. Preparation, both of your team and the resources at your disposal, is crucial for achieving both speed and longevity. As the saying goes, "Alone, we go faster, but together, we go further."

Value of Collaboration

The Commercial district team operates like a close-knit family. Everyone supports each other and contributes in their unique way. Whenever a team member requires assistance, the entire team rallies together, offering insights from other client experiences, expertise in handling tools, information about competitors, and sharing best practices. 

In instances where a team member is absent, whether due to vacation or illness, there's always someone ready to step in seamlessly to ensure that clients and partners continue to receive uninterrupted service. 

Team members share laughter and camaraderie, seizing opportunities to bond during social gatherings, dinners, drinks, sports activities like running and football, as well as engaging in team-building exercises. This sense of unity and collaboration embodies the core values of Palo Alto Networks.


Join our team in France!

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