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A FLEXible Response: He asked and Palo Alto Networks answered!

Matt Leinhos

While Senior Principal Software Engineer Matt Leinhos enjoys the flexibility of remote work empowered under our unique FLEXWORK initiative, he did find himself getting lonely working from home day after day, but wasn’t sure whom to speak to about it.

To address this, he joined a nearby co-working space, and paid out of pocket, so he could spend some time around other people, most of whom are themselves remote workers. 

During a recent All-Hands event, Palo Alto Networks’ Chief People Officer Liane Hornsey was discussing remote work and mentioned that she was aware that some team members were getting lonely, and that she would continue to take employee suggestions to meet their individual needs. She called out Leinhos’s solution to the problem during her remarks.

After the meeting, Leinhos sent an email to thank Hornsey for the mention and also told her that he had been paying the cost for the space. He asked if that expense could be added under FLEXBenefits, part of the suite of programs encompassed under FLEXWORK. 

To his delight, Hornsey answered right back and quickly made it so that co-working space expenses are now eligible under FLEXBenefits! 

“I was particularly impressed not only with her reply, but also with the rapid turnaround time in addressing my question,” Leinhos said. “Way to go, Palo Alto Networks!”

Co-working space expenses are among the latest items covered under FLEXBenefits, which in a little more than two years has grown organically to more than 1,000 products and services, the majority of which have been suggested by your Palo Alto Networks colleagues.

If you haven’t checked out the most recent FLEXBenefits list, you could be missing the chance to have us pay for you to try a new hobby, reach a long sought-after goal or find something else that enhances your mental or physical well-being.

The range of approved items also include fun things to share with your family and friends, such as theme park tickets and costs for camping, hiking, golf and tennis outings. 

When it comes to improving your professional and personal life, FLEXBenefits have you covered. The extra $1,000 in your wallet, for the year, is to spend exclusively on your health and well-being — whatever your focus is. 

How will you spend yours?

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