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FLEXBenefits Gave Me Miles of Smiles on My E-Bike

Kevin McConvey

Kevin Mcconvey FLEX Blog Photo

I used my $1,000 FLEXBenefits allowance to go toward an E-Bike that I purchased in May. It has been a life-changer.

Early on in the pandemic, I dusted off my regular bike that had been sitting in the garage for six years and started to ride again. Almost immediately I remembered why I loved riding when I was younger. It was just so freeing and relaxing. I made a promise to myself to bike at least five miles a day, every day and 10 on weekends. 

After a few months, though, my knees really started to hurt. My doctor suggested that the bike was most likely the cause. So I looked into other options to keep me riding that would not be as painful as my regular bike. I had heard a lot about E-bikes, which have a battery that can help with pedaling and reduce the stress on your body. 

To be honest, I wasn't sold on them. It seemed like it was a lazy way to bike. 

But I decided to get one so that I could keep riding. Soon, I found I could bike a minimum of 10 miles in 30 minutes on weekdays and do over 20 to 25 miles on the weekends. 

I was able to bike a lot further in a lot less time and was not in any pain at all. This opened up many possibilities for riding to different places, especially when Cycle Through September started. 

I promised myself that I would ride a minimum of 20 miles on weekdays and over 40 miles on weekends during the event. My longest ride was 55 miles from San Mateo to San Francisco and back again. I rode to Half Moon Bay, to the office in Santa Clara and on lots of local trails near where I live in San Mateo.

At the close of Cycle Through September, I had biked more than 2,000 miles. It was exciting to reach that mileage, but I had made a promise to myself to log miles every single day in September, no matter what. 

Even when I had to take my bike in for a tune up toward the end of September, I made sure to get a loaner from the store so I could keep riding and logging.

There are many other benefits to my rides as well. They give me time to think, to relax and empty my mind of the day to day goings on. It is a very soothing and relaxing hobby and I found I was losing a lot of weight from riding, too. My doctor was very pleased to see this benefit.

The FLEXBenefits program is the best benefit I have ever received at any company. I honestly think that all of the current offerings cover everything that anyone could possibly want. It is an amazing perk. 

What will I buy this year? I am not quite sure. We need some new furniture at our house, so possibly something like a nice couch or living room set. My wife has not decided yet, LOL!

For more information about FLEXBenefits, visit the FLEXBenefits site.

Kevin Mcconvey FLEX Blog Photo


Kevin McConvey

Senior Manager, Workplace Resources

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