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FLEXBenefits Helped Me Build My Wellness Room

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By: Meghan Mahoney, Prisma Cloud Sales Specialist

I attended Springfield College - known as the Birthplace of Basketball - where the three core values at the college were spirit, mind and body. It was there I developed my wellness routine and incorporated it into my daily life. 

As a collegiate athlete, playing lacrosse for four years, I experienced first hand the impact fitness had on my overall wellness. To me, fitness helps achieve wellness, both physically and mentally, and keeps me sane.   

 After having my first child, my husband and I started to build out a home gym, because we knew we wouldn't be able to get out to local gyms once we had our daughter Mackenzie, who was born in April 2020, exactly one month into the pandemic.

 We started with a set of weights and a stationary bike, and we hung a TV in the room so we could do Peloton or other workouts from YouTube. In my routines, I try to do 50% weights and 50% cardio, and I also enjoy high-intensity interval training.

 I spent my first FLEXBenefits allowance upgrading our stationary bike to a Peloton, something we have really enjoyed. It was a great benefit to invest in my wellness. I love the bike and have done many of the classes.

 When we got the second round of FLEXBenefits in 2021, I was grateful they not only gave us more, they gave it to us up front. That helped us buy a rowing machine from Rogue Fitness, so I could add another cardio routine to change things up and give me more of a full-body workout.

 Although I am now taking a break from working out because I am pregnant with our second child, a boy, I am still looking forward to using my future FLEXBenefits to continue expanding our home gym.

 I am also planning to treat myself to some things I don’t really need, but that I want like a new yoga mat, a mountain bike and more sneakers for walking and running.

 Once I have my son and the doctor clears me to start working out again, I will ease myself back into a routine by starting with spinning and rowing. My workouts are an investment, and those endorphins help me stay happy and positive.

 I really love FLEXBenefits and the way it helps Palo Alto Networks employees focus on something personal outside of work. For me, that is wellness.



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