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FLEXBenefits: Right Program, Right Time

Sofia Dona Flexbenefits

Sofia Dona, Operations Manager, Safety & Security

The introduction of FLEXBenefits was a welcome surprise that came along at a perfect time during the most turbulent year in recent history. In fact, it’s been among the best things about working at Palo Alto Networks this past year. There are so many great benefits, with new categories being added every quarter, and I know the program has already blessed the lives of so many people.

It’s not many companies that will offer something like this to show how much they truly care about you, your family, and your personal well-being. I am grateful for it, and it’s motivated me to continue striving to do the best work I can.

Since it was introduced, the FLEXBenefits program has made things easier for my family in many respects. My husband is a gig worker and it’s been tough during the pandemic but being able to use FLEXBenefits and be reimbursed for things like entertainment subscriptions, fitness apps, and hobby supplies to help keep my two young daughters engaged has been a real saving grace.

I also was able to use the program to cover piano lessons, which I had promised my oldest daughter she could start when she turned 5.

When theme park tickets were added to the FLEXBenefits lineup, we were able to use the funds to cover admission tickets for my family and my mother and father, so we finally got to go on an amazing trip to Disneyland!

Without FLEXBenefits, we wouldn’t have been able to go on a trip like this, and we're so grateful we didn’t have to worry about the expense with the admission covered by FLEXBenefits.

The program is something I talk about with family and friends, and anyone who I think might be interested in joining Palo Alto Networks. To me, it’s one of many selling points for the company. My friend, who is into fitness, was pleasantly surprised when I told him about all the fitness equipment and memberships FLEXBenefits covers, since most companies don’t think about employees' interests outside of work. My sister is an avid hiker and loves visiting national parks, so I told her about how FLEXBenefits will pay for park admissions, camping equipment, and even hiking shoes! 

I’ve also encouraged some of my co-workers to use the FLEXBenefits program to take a spa day, something they probably wouldn’t have considered otherwise, to alleviate the stress of coming in to work amid the pandemic. 

It’s those kinds of perks – the little things that many employers often overlook - that really matter to people and let them know the company values their well-being, happiness, and hobbies outside of work. I hope that FLEXBenefits are here to stay and that the program will continue growing, especially as the world begins to fully reopen! I am excited and anxious to see what else I can do with my FLEXBenefits.

For more information about FLEXBenefits, visit the FLEXBenefits site.

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