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From Treadmills to Trips Home, FLEX has you covered!

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At Palo Alto Networks, our FLEXWORK program and the initiatives it includes are designed to provide you unparalleled flexibility to do the things that are most important to you and your family.

With the holidays right around the corner, here’s how some of your co-workers are making the most of this unique benefits program:

Isaac Stein, Technical Support Engineer (Israel)

FLEXBenefits has given me the opportunity to purchase items that support and encourage a well-rounded lifestyle.

I was surprised when joining Palo Alto Networks 11 months ago to see the care and attention that is put into the mental and physical health of employees through FLEXWORK. I decided to use this benefit to do something that will really aid my mental and physical well-being and also boost my work performance.

Being an employee who clocks nine hours in front of the computer screen and then devoted my time to the family, I don't get too many opportunities to go to the gym or exercise frequently enough. FLEXBenefits has changed that reality altogether with the opportunity to purchase a treadmill that can be fitted next to my elevated desk, so I can literally type and work while being active and walking at a steady pace.

I have been in this routine for a couple of months and the positive effect of staying active while keeping perfect focus on work is uplifting—and all thanks to FLEXBenefits!

Beverly Smalls, Senior Network Security Customer Success Manager (U.S.)

I will be using FLEXWORK this Christmas to give back to my chosen charities. The volunteering hours are usually in the morning or mid-afternoon, but with FLEXWORK, I will be able to make up that time while still doing good things for my community. 

Keirin Rodriguez, Sales Operations Analyst (Costa Rica)

I suffer back problems and by using FLEXBenefits, I am able to practice swimming, which is the only thing that helps ease the pain.

Nehal Gupta, Senior TSE - Prisma Access (Poland)

Coming from India and living in Europe, I always miss my family. FLEXWORK holidays let me take time off whenever I want to celebrate special occasions.

Alex Hostetter, Systems Engineer 1 (U.S.)

My favorite part of FLEXWORK is the security and the accessibility it allows me so I can freely travel home for the holidays. I moved from Washington, D.C. to California a few years ago and at my old job, working remotely was often difficult.

In 2019, I was going to skip traveling home but at that point, I knew I had to be home with my family for Christmas every year and Palo Alto Networks has ensured that goal can be maintained. Thank you FLEXWORK!

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