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Anastasia on Being a QA Engineer at Palo Alto Networks

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Author: Anastasia Dobrovolski, Sr. Staff Engineer, SQA

Connecting the Dots
As a QA Engineer, I serve as the link that binds together three essential parts of every feature - development, product, and UX. Understanding and fulfilling the unique needs of each department are the cornerstones of achieving the best product possible.

Always on the Rise
Since beginning my computer science studies, I've loved the Quality Assurance (QA) field. QA is exciting as I get to write code and work with various technologies and third-party tools. Moreover, being part of a collaborative team that prioritizes constant growth and learning from one another is incredibly fulfilling.

New Day, New Challenge
Every day, I eagerly explore different areas of our product as a QA Engineer. Taking on new tasks and responsibilities excites me. Learning from both mistakes and successes is key to my professional growth.

A Space to Create
At Palo Alto Networks, we thrive in a fast-paced environment and quickly make decisions when working on innovative Proof of Concepts (POCs) projects. With the freedom to explore new ideas and top-notch technologies, we develop cool features swiftly.

Do It for Yourself, First
Quality and transparency are at the core of my work. I believe in effective communication and asking insightful questions for a deep understanding. A well-formed opinion is vital for both the
products we create and our personal growth.


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