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Meet Back End Staff Software Engineer, Amit


Some people possess the superpower to make days longer than 24 hours, and Amit Dror, a Back End Staff Software Engineer at PANW, is one of them.

Amit has been with us for 1.5 years and is currently a part of the Back End team that develops our two flagship products on the Cortex platform: XSOAR and XSIAM.
His role involves working on complex calculations and various databases.

Sounds difficult? Well, Amit is accustomed to making difficult tasks appear easy. While most computer science students divide their time between coding practice and completing assignments, Amit managed to start a career in tech while still being a student. He even trained rigorously and participated in an Iron Man Race. This impressive dedication led him to join our LEAP program just a week before graduating!

For Amit, no day is 'standard'— every day is a new adventure!
From interacting with suctomers to writing new features and planning product architectures, he embraces a variety of activities. He even finds time for a FIFA session or an afternoon massage in his daily routine 😉

Amit says that his favorite part about his job is the meaningful nature of it. At the end of every week, when a customer has an urgent issue requiring immediate attention, the entire team, from senior managers to junior developers, stays together until they find the ultimate solution. There's something special to him about everyone working together and tackling the challenge of identifying and resolving a cybersecurity issue.

Wherever there is initiative, creativity, and the courage to take on challenges like Amit possesses, a dynamic environment becomes the perfect setting for success. 😎


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