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Meet Rotem, Head of AppSec Innovation Labs

Rotem (Blog) (650 X 440 Px)

"It all started with a gaming competition in a magazine I read, where the prize was a brand new PlayStation One. I wasn’t a top contestant in the game, but I managed to hack into the competition’s system and add myself to the winners' list."

Meet Rotem Bar, Head of AppSec Innovation Labs at Prisma Cloud. Rotem joined Palo Alto Networks one year ago with the acquisition of Cider Security.

Outside of work, Rotem leads a Bug Bounty community of hackers who break into different companies’ systems to check for vulnerabilities. "We deal with a field that’s constantly evolving, with rapidly advancing technology, and the challenge is always to think about what the real attacker is thinking and try to anticipate it. To build a defense before the attack."

From an early age, it was clear to Rotem that cyber was his passion. In high school, he founded a robotics club that won national and international competitions. Later, he enlisted in the Israel Defense Forces, where he worked on strategic projects for the security of the State of Israel. "After being released from the army, it was clear to me that I would continue in the hacking field. While starting my career, I accidentally breached one of the largest companies in the world. I reported the security breach to them, and they fixed it within a few hours. Shortly after, I received a job offer from them."

Rotem has built quite the name for himself in the industry, often presenting his research and methodologies at conferences worldwide. Here at Palo Alto Networks, Rotem’s responsibility lies specifically within the development of our cloud security platform. He directly influences the product and always thinks about its next steps in the cyber world, "I’m always working on new initiatives, collaborating with product teams, and constantly thinking about ideas that can help us develop.”

Beyond Rotem’s impressive career, he loves to travel the world. "I once took a break from work to travel for a whole year in South East Asia with my wife and daughter. I love traveling. Just recently, I returned from a long ski vacation. I love the thrill, the extremes, and the off the beaten tracks. Apparently, I love unconventional things, much like in the cyber world."


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