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Principal Software Engineer, Shine Has a Winning Spirit

SHINE 650X440

Shine Bar is one of those people who are never out of breath, not even after completing an ironman race, or a full-day sprint at work.

As a Principal Software Engineer, she’s a full partner in designing and developing products that are tailored to our customers’ needs.

And even with this big responsibility on her shoulders, she always starts her day with at dawn with training session that combines swimming, cycling and running, before waking up the kids and preparing their sandwiches for school. 

Because of her daily training routine, Shine is always prepared for a race.
She believes in constant learning and self-improvement, which is what brings her to participate in the toughest competitions in the world. Ultramarathon, iron man race - you name it!

Wanna know how she does it?

Shine says that her secret is to never stop challenging herself - wherever she breaks a glass ceiling, she’ll head to the next one right away. Last April, she broke her personal record and finished first in a race of a total of 205 kilometers!

And if that’s not enough, she also serves as a mentor to new employees at PANW and encourages them to be the best version of themselves. 💪

A true winning spirit! 🏅


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