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A Day in the Life of a QA Test Engineer

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Nithya Narasimhan | Senior Staff Engineer (NetSec)

I am a member of the Customer Profile Test team which operates in the last leg of the product development life cycle – just before the product is released to the customer. We are the vigilant gatekeepers of the release bestowing the seal of approval and determining its readiness for the customer. We are also referred to as the internal customers of Palo Alto Networks. You can probably recognize the importance of this team!

My role revolves around testing the product through the discerning lens of a customer, coming up with test scenarios which are similar to the use cases in the field and building an end-to-end system testbed similar in complexity to that of the customer. We also engage with customers directly to understand their deployment and their unique use cases and integrate the same in our testbed. We actively work on customer-found defects, try to replicate them in our lab, and help in the process of providing quick resolutions to defects.

A typical day involves meticulously executing the test cases I have planned for the day, examining the product critically, uncovering bugs, chasing down the bugs to closure, and ensuring that no bug makes its way to the field. 

And what’s the fun without challenges?! Finding creative solutions to overcome these challenges is a vital aspect of my role. Explore opportunities to join the team!


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