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A Special Career Journey

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Author: Bruce Lan, Sr. Systems Engineer, Sales, JAPAC




回首第一天加入Palo Alto Networks至今已超過十個年頭,無論是在組織文化、願景與成長,至今都是令人驚豔。

在加入公司前,就是在資安相關經銷與代理商擔任SE, Presales的角色,主要的的工作就是替客戶評估導入適合的資安解決方案,同時也參與到不同資安品牌的發展與興衰。

Why Palo Alto Networks?





A Special Career Journey

Looking back on my journey since the first day I joined Palo Alto Networks, it has been over a decade filled with astonishing experiences in organizational culture, vision, and growth.

Prior to joining the company, I served as an SE and worked in presales roles for cybersecurity-related distributors and agents. My main responsibility was to assess and recommend suitable cybersecurity solutions for clients, while also being involved in the development and ups and downs of various cybersecurity brands.

Why Palo Alto Networks?

In 2007, through a fortuitous encounter, I became acquainted with the company's first product (NGFW). Upon deeper exploration, I realized that this was an opportunity to lead the industry into the next generation of network security. I couldn't wait to introduce all my clients and friends to this dynamic, innovative company. Eventually, I was fortunate enough to join Palo Alto Networks and contribute value to many large clients across different industries.

Over the past few years, we have continuously introduced innovative security concepts to the industry, meeting the critical needs of enterprises and organizations in security investment and risk management. As a result, we have become their most trusted long-term strategic partners.

The company also places great importance on continuous learning and development. Through various training programs and seminars, my skills and insights have been significantly enhanced. This has helped build a strong and cohesive team, ensuring the continuous growth of individuals, the company, and our clients. We welcome friends who share the same philosophy to join us!


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