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Embracing Change: Pre-Sales at Palo Alto Networks

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Author: Kanav Aggarwal, Systems Engineer - Enterprise, South India

Having spent most of my career in post-sales roles, the transition to pre-sales at Palo Alto Networks marked a new chapter in my professional journey. It meant stepping out of my comfort zone and embracing new challenges. But with the unwavering support of my colleagues and the leadership at Palo Alto Networks, I navigated this transition with determination and resilience.

In my role in pre-sales, I'm responsible for understanding the unique needs of our clients and crafting tailored cybersecurity solutions to address those needs. It involves working closely with our sales team, leveraging technical expertise to demonstrate the value of our products and services, and building strong relationships with customers to ensure their success.

Palo Alto Networks isn't just a company to me; it's a community that embodies values I hold close to my heart: disruption, collaboration, execution, integrity, and inclusion. These values aren't just slogans; they're the guiding principles that shape my every interaction within the company.

Every day at Palo Alto Networks is an opportunity for me to live out these values. Whether it's disrupting the cybersecurity landscape with innovative solutions, collaborating seamlessly with my team, executing projects with precision, upholding integrity in every interaction, or championing inclusion in the workplace, I see myself as a conduit for these principles.

I'm deeply grateful for the opportunities Palo Alto Networks has provided me and for the support and encouragement of its leadership. Their guidance has not only helped me thrive in my role but has also empowered me to push the boundaries of what's possible in cybersecurity.

As I continue on my journey at Palo Alto Networks, I remain committed to embodying the company's values every step of the way. I'm not just shaping the future of cybersecurity; I'm also defining my own path to success.

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