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Innovating and Thriving at Palo Alto Networks

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Author: Roopa Maravante, Manager FP&A

I have successfully completed a tenure of two years at Palo Alto Networks. It has been an enriching experience to be a part of a company with a strong leadership team. As a member of the FP&A team, I am consistently challenged by inspiring stakeholders, leading to continuous learning opportunities. One of my most notable learning experiences involved the redesign and optimization of financial models to enhance efficiency. My key takeaway from this role is the skill to effectively communicate complex financial data within a well-defined business context, thereby creating a compelling narrative. Having the privilege of working with an exceptional team has consistently fostered a sense of anticipation and enthusiasm for each day in the office.

The comprehensive values of Palo Alto Networks significantly contribute to our distinct culture. Each employee strives to uphold these values: disruption, inclusion, collaboration, execution and innovation, thereby fostering a workplace environment that is notably supportive and employee-centric.

I have consistently sought out new challenges and opportunities for learning throughout my journey. This proactive approach has allowed me to enhance my analytical skills and cultivate a creative mindset, particularly through investing time in understanding financial models. By prioritizing continuous learning and embracing innovation, I have continually sought to upskill and remain adaptable in evolving environments. Explore opportunities to join us!


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