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My Career Trajectory at Palo Alto Networks

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Author: Rajashree Apte | Director, International Taxation

Looking back on my five years at Palo Alto Networks, I am struck by how much we have grown and accomplished together. Ours is a thriving organization making a meaningful impact by providing organizations with top class cybersecurity. Being part of the tax team in such a growth-oriented organization comes with its own interesting challenges. Overcoming each obstacle presents a learning opportunity and adaptation which I feel that ultimately made me more resilient and agile. 

This company has shaped my career, from being the only finance person in India when I first joined to a leader and mentor of a 14 member, highly motivated tax team based in Bangalore. I feel blessed to have received the opportunity to work on challenging and interesting projects. The rapid pace of some of these projects has kept me on my toes but it has also fueled a sense of excitement and possibilities for the future.

Palo Alto Networks has a very special work culture that reflects the values and priorities of the organization while prioritizing the well-being and development of its employees. We have a culture that encourages learning, disruption and adaptation. Our company's strong leadership plays a critical role in shaping and maintaining a positive work culture which encourages employee engagement and makes the employees feel recognised and heard. A healthy work-life balance is essential for employees' well-being and our company’s support for employees’ personal and professional lives motivates our workforce.

As a tax professional looking to grow my career in Palo Alto Networks, I have had various opportunities to enhance my skills, expand my knowledge and demonstrate my values. Some of these opportunities include following:

- Continuous education by keeping my professional knowledge up to date and by attending seminars and workshops

- Networking where we connect to peers, mentors and potential customers, which can lead to new opportunities and referrals

- Cross-functional collaboration 

- Professional development by actively seeking feedback, setting goals and regularly evaluating my progress to identify areas for improvement and growth as I continue to grow and advance my career at Palo Alto Networks

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