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Author: Yusuke Muramatsu, Systems Engineer

My career began as a network engineer at an IT vendor. Initially responsible for network operations, I progressed to design and testing roles and eventually took on more upstream responsibilities, transitioning from operations to consulting and pre-sales. The system design, project management and consulting skills acquired along this journey are the foundation of my current capabilities.

Having experienced the full spectrum of roles in the networking domain, I felt I had accomplished what I could and decided to take the next step forward. With a longstanding interest in the security field and an opportune opening at Palo Alto Networks, I applied and was hired as a pre-sales engineer.

As a newly hired pre-sales engineer, I faced two main challenges. First, catching up on security solutions such as endpoint security, cloud security and security operations, which were new to me despite my existing network skills. Second, developing presentation skills to effectively communicate the value of products to customers while maintaining an engineering perspective.

Palo Alto Networks continuously expands its product portfolio and functionalities. Moreover, abundant training opportunities enable us to stay updated with the latest developments. Through these training programs, I was able to familiarize myself with previously unfamiliar products. Additionally, in the sales role, my sales counterpart facilitated smooth interactions with customers, providing an atmosphere conducive to technical discussions. Therefore, I believe choosing Palo Alto Networks for this new career challenge was the right decision.

Within Palo Alto Networks, there are various career paths, such as aiming for higher technical positions like security architect or venturing into management roles to acquire soft skills distinct from technical expertise. I have the opportunity to discuss and receive advice from my direct supervisor to choose the career path that aligns with my aspirations.

While forming a career, the ease of working within the company is crucial. Palo Alto Networks offers a workplace environment conducive to maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Particularly, the "Family Care Leave" system, which grants five days of leave annually, allows me to take time off in half-day increments. This system has been immensely helpful, especially when my child falls ill suddenly, as my spouse also works. Apart from Family Care Leave, there is also sick leave and annual paid leave, allowing me to spend quality time with my family and rejuvenate myself.

For those considering embarking on a new career, I look forward to the possibility of working together! Click here to find out more about opportunities at Palo Alto Networks!










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