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My Path from Network Engineer to Systems Engineering Leader

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Author: Diego Maravankin, Systems Engineering Manager, SE Academy JAPAC

My career journey has been thrilling, filled with challenges, triumphs and endless learning opportunities. I've navigated through different industries, roles and experiences, each one shaping me into the professional I am today. Here is a look at my professional journey and the lessons I have learned along the way.

My career started during university, where I worked as a network engineer. I landed my first job at a global company and coming from South America, I was pretty lucky. The role was challenging and pushed me to practice my English skills constantly and daily. It was during this period that I learned the importance of resilience, teamwork and effective communication.

After a few years, I made a significant career shift and joined a company that offered me a role as a presales engineer. The transition was daunting, but my previous experiences equipped me with transferable skills that were applicable in my new role. In this field, I learned the power of adaptability and constant learning. I honed my skills in solution architecture, public speaking and business acumen, leading to the second phase of my career.

Like any career journey, mine was not devoid of challenges. There were times of uncertainty, failures and even thoughts of giving up. However, these moments were pivotal in shaping my character and professional growth. They taught me persistence, patience and the importance of a growth mindset. Among the triumphs, moving to Australia and starting again in cybersecurity as a channel systems engineer at Palo Alto Networks stands out. It was a validation of my skills and a testament to the power of determination and hard work, leading to moving into commercial, major and strategic accounts, to where I am today as a leader.

No career journey is ever a straight path; it's a series of ups and downs, twists and turns. As I continue leading the SE Academy in JAPAC, I hope my story serves as inspiration to those beginning their career journeys. Remember, every experience is a stepping stone towards your ultimate professional goal. As I forge ahead, I am excited about what the future holds, ready to embrace new opportunities and challenges that come my way.


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